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For the camp grounds, see Camp Woodscouts.

The Woodscouts are an elite militant scouting organization for boys. Its members are forced to endure strenuous training exercises to earn badges, and due to the lack of new recruits, they have resorted to kidnapping new members in order to keep the organization going[1]. They are likely a reference to military camps and the Boy Scouts.

Current Members


Woodscouts wear a tan, button-up, short-sleeved shirt, with a green sash and matching shorts, along with a brown belt. Edward, a more elite scout, wears a bigger, dark red sash, a long-sleeved and cuffed tan shirt (with yellow shoulder epaulets), and dark green pants.


At some point, the harsh regime of the Woodscouts began to discourage other boys from joining. In the episode "Scout's Dishonor," Max, in an attempt to flee Camp Campbell, had a supposedly ex-Woodscout, Billy, get them a boat out of the camp. Along the way, Max discovers that the boat is from the Woodscouts and is then stabbed in the back by Billy. Billy then throws Nikki overboard, declaring that no girls were allowed. Neil jumps overboard, allowing Billy to overpower Max. As his friends end up in the Flowerscouts camp, Max is tortured by Woodscouts, who explain that they'll 'make a Woodscout out of him.' Max then escapes back to Camp Campbell (though how he manages to do so is unknown, as he is still there at the end of the episode).


  • The Woodscouts located near Lake Lilac are part of troop #818, as stated by their senior patrol leader, Edward Pikeman.


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