As I type this, I am only minutes away from RTX.

—Slaving over this computer at home typing this and watching the nice "live slideshows" that are the RTX streams (no audio). At least it's free. :P

As I consider possibly buying a ticket for RTX Day 2 or 3 (see "watching the RWBY panel with audio"), here's a little recap of the news from the Camp Camp portion of RTX (thus far):

  • 2 more years episodes! In an apparently "unprecedented" move for the Rooster Teeth animation department, 2 more episodes atop of the original 10 episodes have been ordered for this season due to the "overwhelming response" the series is getting. Good job us!
  • "The Camp Camp Rap Rap" by Jeremy Dooley will be released in its full entirety on iTunes... soon.
  • Camp Camp has been confirmed to be an episodic series where episode stories are generally self-contained.
  • Gray Haddock makes his Camp Camp writing debut in episode 5.
  • Camp Camp animation panel is on Sunday (I thought the actual "Camp Camp Panel Panel" was on Sunday, so I was going to buy a ticket for that day to see it, except it was today. Oops.)
  • Theater Kid's real name is... Theater Kid. Or was it Theatre Kid? The world may never know.

As for the wiki itself– we are as active as ever! Which is to say that there's a fraction of a fraction of dozens of us!
Here's what's new:

  • I have been pushing for the creation of a Rooster Teeth family footer affiliation program. And it's happening. That doesn't mean much for like the 2 people reading this, but it may help with the future of this wiki.
  • The wiki's getting colorful! The infoboxes have a powerful color matching system... thingy. (See Module:Ntc for the credits and courtesies.)
  • I mean. It's another week. We have a more complete version of episode 3's page, I suppose.
  • Probably some other stuff. A lot of programs and deals are being made in the background, besides the RT global footer program (info above).

That is all for this week! Campe diem!

This blog is the second of a series of 3 weekly blogs detailing the current status of these beginning weeks of this wiki. If you haven't already, come join us!

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