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  • I live in one of the hemispheres.
  • My occupation is King of Procrastination
  • I am busy. lol probably not.
  • The JoTS

    The "Camp Camp Panel Panel" returns for a second year at Rooster Teeth's annual RTX Austin convention!

    The panel will occur on this upcoming Friday, July 7th at 12:00pm CDT (17:00 UTC). This post will be updated with a stream link as it becomes available. You can join us for live discussion of the panel at our Discord.

    UPDATE: The panel will be streamed at The panel has ended! Enjoy the rest of RTX! A recap follows:

    • Platypus merchandise is incoming!
    • 12 episodes for Season 2, just as much as Season 1 had.
    • Season 2's finale (S2E12) will be double length at 22 minutes.
    • There will be two more bonus episodes after the Season 2 finale! They will premiere in the fall.
    • It has been double confirmed (originally mentioned in a Camp…

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  • The JoTS

    This blog may be a bit late, but–

    In the span of nearly a month, we have amassed 60 articles, and managed to get 9 "active" editors (editors who have edited at least once in the last 30 days, according to Wikia's algorithim). Still quite the accomplishment considering our major sources of activity come from within Wikia.

    Our Twitter has been "revamped", and we will be posting little Camp Camp trivia throughout this off week.

    And later this week on Thursday, we can catch Elizabeth Maxwell (the voice actress of Nikki) on AfterBuzz's Camp Camp Aftershow.

    Although an episode won't release this week, it's still a good week for us campers.

    It may be a short update this time 'round, but otherwise I would just end up ranting about us improving our SEO …

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  • The JoTS

    As I type this, I am only minutes away from RTX.

    —Slaving over this computer at home typing this and watching the nice "live slideshows" that are the RTX streams (no audio). At least it's free. :P

    As I consider possibly buying a ticket for RTX Day 2 or 3 (see "watching the panel with audio"), here's a little recap of the news from the Camp Camp portion of RTX (thus far):

    • 2 more years episodes! In an apparently "unprecedented" move for the Rooster Teeth animation department, 2 more episodes atop of the original 10 episodes have been ordered for this season due to the "overwhelming response" the series is getting. Good job us!
    • "The Camp Camp Rap Rap" by will be released in its full entirety on iTunes... soon.
    • Camp Camp has been confirmed to be an episo…
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  • The JoTS

    Week 1 at camp!

    June 25, 2016 by The JoTS

    It's been one week(.) since this wiki has started, and I just finished watching episode 3 of Camp Camp.

    ...And I have already learned so much from the series and this fandom–

    1. I have come to the realization that I will have to redo the automatic categorization in Infobox character, remake Navbox characters, and recode List/custom, all due to that 3rd episode.
    2. The Camp Campbell salute is sexual. Apparently.

    Other than that though, this wiki has progressed a lot during this first week. We have:

    • Created 44 pages– not even including the ones that will now have to be created for episode 3.
    • A total of 7 unique editors
      • 4 registered editors
      • 2 anons
      • ...myself
    • Created some decently "powerful" infobox templates.
    • Established a pretty decent lookin' wiki-wordmark …

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