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  • I was born on August 30
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    Hello Camp Campers, I'm Tyler... I don't make announcements or blogposts. This is my first one c:

    So, Camp Camp Season One is over we're all aware of it. It was definitely a good finale, can't wait for season two.

    But it comes a time where we face a very long hiatus inbetween every season of a show we like...

    Red vs Blue, RWBY, X-Ray and Vav, and that incredibly long hiatus for The Strangerhood.

    But we can use this hiatus as an advantage, we can work on every single detail from season one and put it on the wiki before season two happens... IF it happens. But it's bound to happen because of the positive reception it got.

    So I'm encouraging all of you to do your best to edit the wiki to look it's best, I'll do the vectors in my spare time, and Jo…

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