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Tabii is a recurring character and one of the three flowerscouts alongside Sasha and Erin.

Overview Edit

Tabii first appears in Scout's Dishonor along with her friends, and the three openly welcome a disguised Neil into their group along with Nikki, to their reluctance. Later in the episode, Tabii inadvertently reveals her lack of understanding about sex and reproduction, for which Sasha scolds her. Following Neil's defection and escape with Nikki, Tabii admits her infatuation towards Neil.

She reappears in Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected, where she and her friends sneak backstage of the theatre and spy on Neil. Despite Sasha's protests, she obsessively pursues her plot to replace Nikki as Juliet, thus giving her a chance to kiss Neil as he plays Romeo.

In the final act of the play, Tabii emerges in the Juliet outfit and gives a performance so dramatic and entertaining that Preston Goodplay credits her from the sidelines. However before she can finally kiss Neil, Bonquisha interrupts the performance and Tabii attacks her in a fit of jealousy.

After the ensuing chaos, Tabii concludes the play as she approaches an unconscious Neil and promptly commits suicide. Her friends apologise for her actions before dragging her off of the stage, all while she continues to pretend to be dead.

She returns in a minor role in Camporee along with Sasha and Erin to compete against the Camp Campbell Campers and the Woodscouts. The Flowerscouts host the first five contests and successfully gains the lead. In the final challenge, Tabii and the rest of the Flowerscouts are chased away by Nikki's tamed wolf.

Appearance Edit

Tabii has a short stature, has blonde hair pulled in a bun and yellow eyes and freckles on her cheeks. Like the rest of her flowerscouts, she wears a white shirt with a light pink sash, a pink flannel skirt and dark peach shoes.

Personality Edit

In her initial appearance, Tabii was shown to be somewhat loyal towards her friends and simply agreed with their choices without question. She is also shown to be fairly unintelligent, fitting the common stereotype associated with blonde women and girls. She seems socially awkward and rarely voices her personal opinions, though the few times she does often expose her lack of intelligence and lead to disapproval from her colleagues.

In her second appearance, Tabii's romantic interest in Neil has become an obsession. Even though her friends constantly inform her of Neil's obvious flaws, she ignores them and prefers to maintain her infatuation with him. Driven by her passion, she becomes devious and even violent in order to share her love towards the otherwise oblivious Neil.

Overall, Tabii has expressed several symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder, based on her obsessive desire for attention and seductive advances. She may also be delusional, as evidenced by her obliviousness to Neil's lack of affection towards her.


Trivia Edit

  • Tabii has a sister whom she states told her if "a boy pees in you, you become pregnant".
  • By the end of her debut episode, she develops an attraction to Neil which carries into later episodes.
  • Tabii does not interact with Neil during Camporee or express her interest in him, mainly due to her minor role in the episode.
  • She, Erin and Sasha are in Flowerscout troop #789.

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