He can pee in me anytime~

— Tabii, "Scout's Dishonor"

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Tabii is a fellow member of The Flower Scouts alongside Erin and Sasha. She and the rest of the trio made their debut in the episode "Scout's Dishonor". She is considered "The Dumb One" of the group.


Tabii has a shorter stature than her fellow Flower Scouts, and pale skin, with freckles on her cheeks. Her eyes are light yellow, and she has blonde hair that's pulled into a bun on the back of her head. She has an upturned, roundish nose, and black eyelashes.

Tabii's typical attire is the Flower Scout uniform, much like the one that the other Flower Scouts wear for activities. She has a white blouse with pink trim, and a skirt patterned with three different shades of pink. She bears a purple sash over her shoulder with four badges, likely awarded to her during her time as a Flower Scout, and brown boots, presumably for outdoor activities.

During "Cookin' Cookies," she wears a black eyepatch to cover her damaged eye, an injury she gained during the episode "Bonjour Bonquisha."


In her initial appearance, Tabii was shown to be somewhat loyal towards her friends and simply agreed with their choices without question. She is also shown to be fairly unintelligent, fitting the common stereotype associated with blonde women and girls. She seems socially awkward and rarely voices her personal opinions; though the few times she does, her lack of intelligence is often exposed, which leads to disapproval from her colleagues and which earned her the title of being "The Dumb One".

Throughout the first season, Tabii develops an obsessive infatuation towards Neil, often seeking his attention and flirting with him. Even though her friends constantly inform her of Neil's obvious flaws, she ignores them and prefers to maintain her affection for him. Driven by her passion, she becomes devious and even violent in order to share her love towards an oblivious Neil.

Following the events of Bonjour Bonquisha, Tabii has apparently become self-conscious of her newly evident physical flaws. She becomes distraught when her eyepatch is acknowledged, a reaction possibly developed after repeated criticisms from her fellow Flower Scouts.


Tabii first appears in "Scout's Dishonor," along with her friends, and the three openly welcome a disguised Neil into their group along with Nikki (to their reluctance). Later in the episode, Tabii inadvertently reveals her lack of understanding about sex and reproduction, for which Sasha scolds her. Following Neil's defection and escape with Nikki, Tabii admits her infatuation towards Neil.

She reappears in "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected," where she and her friends sneak backstage of the theater and spy on Neil. Despite Sasha's protests, she obsessively pursues her plot to replace Nikki as Juliet, thus giving her a chance to kiss Neil as he plays Romeo.

In the final act of the play, Tabii emerges in the Juliet outfit, and gives a performance so dramatic and entertaining that Preston Goodplay credits her from the sidelines. However, before she can finally kiss Neil, Bonquisha interrupts the performance, and Tabii attacks her in a fit of jealousy.

After the ensuing chaos, Tabii concludes the play as she approaches an unconscious Neil and promptly commits suicide. Her friends apologize for her actions before dragging her off of the stage, all while she continues to pretend to be dead.

She returns in a minor role in "Camporee," along with Sasha and Erin to compete against the Camp Campbell Campers and the Wood Scouts. The Flower Scouts host the first five contests and successfully gain the lead. In the final challenge, Tabii and the rest of the Flower Scouts are chased away by Nikki's tamed wolf.

In "Bonjour Bonquisha," Tabii and the rest of the Flower Scouts return, meeting the Camp Campbell Campers outside Bonquisha's mobile home during their inception of a cookie sale. Retaining her obsessive and deluded affections, she greets Neil and embraces him persistently. She, along with the rest of the Flower Scouts, agrees to help Max with his plans, presumably in order to remain close to Neil.

To succeed in making Bonquisha jealous, the Flower Scouts disguise themselves as a singular person wearing a trench coat. As the initial plan deteriorates, a waitress pampers Neil when he accidentally bumps into her, indirectly sparking jealousy in Tabii. In a hysterical frenzy, Tabii launches a fork at her, accidentally ricocheting off the latter's tray and returning to hit Tabii directly in her left eye. She is once again scolded by the Flower Scouts, but expresses little concern over the fork in her eye for the remainder of the episode.

In the episode "Cookin' Cookies," Tabii and the rest of the Flower Scouts are instructed by Miss Priss to fund a vacation to Cabo, Mexico. Following her injury in Bonjour Bonquisha, Tabii has since covered her left eye with a black eyepatch. During their attempt to sell cookies outside a general store, Sasha becomes frustrated by the lack of attention their stall is receiving, due to the Wood Scouts' previous sales of popcorn. Upon receiving the blame based on how her eyepatch is likely turning away their potential customers, Tabii sporadically begins crying and proclaims herself as a monster. When Miss Priss returns and attempts to motivate the three of them, Tabii begins binge eating the cookies to overcome her sorrow.

After heightening the sales of their cookies due to applying influential compounds to the contents, the Flower Scouts become wealthy enough to gain attention from a Mexican drug cartel, the latter considering them a threat. When visiting Rafael Guzman's mansion, the Flower Scouts introduce themselves and demand an explanation for being summoned to Mexico. Upon greeting the girls, Rafael is immediately repulsed by the sight of Tabii's eyepatch and demands her removal. Unlike before, Tabii becomes aggressive and intimidates Rafael and his bodyguards, before she is quickly persuaded by Sasha against any violent actions. Tabii begrudgingly complies before gesturing a threat towards Rafael.

After learning the truth about their vacation, the Flowers Scouts abandon their sales and contemplate a possible moral behind these events. Max, Nikki, and Neil suddenly crash a plane into the room, dressed in various historical outfits, and proclaim themselves to live normal lives in comparison. Tabii briefly spots Neil and delightedly greets him before she is dragged away by her friends.


  • Tabii shares the same voice actress along with Sasha and Erin.
  • Tabii most likely suffers from Histrionic Personality Disorder, evidenced by her obsessive romantic pursuits and her violent behavior during her later appearances. She is also likely delusional, due to her disregard for Neil's obliviousness and lack of interest in her.
  • Tabii has a sister who apparently gives her information about boys and romance, though the sister herself has yet to appear in the show.
  • Tabii does not interact with Neil during "Camporee" or express her interest in him, mainly due to her minor role in the episode.
  • In "Bonjour Bonquisha," her left eye is damaged with a fork, the injury evident by an eyepatch she wears in her following appearance. The extent of the damage, and the eye's possible removal after the incident, remain unknown. This could be a reference to her first appearance, where she clarified her name as “Tabii with two I’s!!”, as now she only has one eye.
  • She is shown to be racist in the episode "Cookin' Cookies" alongside Erin and Sasha as she states that they were in Mexico and breaks it down into syllable by syllable thinking that Mr. Guzman didn't know English.


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