Scotty is one of the campers at Camp Campbell. He is introduced in "David Gets Hard". He was intended to go to "Visual Comedy Camp".


Scotty has comically poofy red hair, mint green eyes and pale freckled skin. He wears a yellow and orange tee-shirt, dark lilac jeans, and violet and white sneakers with white laces. He also has a red clown nose.


Scotty had not been given a speaking role, and has only been seen in the beginning part of Episode 9, where David is listing off the week's camps. As David says,

"-all of these hilarious props and gags are courtesy of Thursday's visual comedy camp!"
Scotty is then seen honking a bicycle horn and holding a rubber chicken. Max then tells him to "go back to your tent", which causes Scotty to appear downcast, suggesting a potentially asocial and reclusive nature. The view pans away and does not show him again.


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