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Tabii, seriously. WHAT THE FUCK?!

— Sasha, "Scout's Dishonor"

Sasha is a Flowerscout and somewhat unofficial leader of her friends Erin and Tabii. Much like her friends, Sasha isn't exactly a fan of Nikki and her adventurous ways.


Sasha is a fair skinned girl with long salmon hair with a dark pink headband and has pink eyes. Like the rest of the Flowerscouts, she wears a white shirt, a light pink sash, a pink flannel skirt, and dark pink shoes.


Sasha is usually short tempered and aggressive. She isn't afraid to openly express her feelings; she shows obvious disgust when seeing Nikki (or any Camp Campbell resident in general), and is shown to judge people on numerous occasions, such as calling Neil an "obvious loser," or calling Nikki out for being "unladylike." She can be sarcastic at times, and is shown to be conscious about her looks.


To see the full gallery, go to Sasha/Gallery.


  • Sasha has the voice same actress as Erin and Tabii.
  • She, Tabii, and Erin are in Flowerscout troop #789.
  • She is also shown to be somewhat racist as she shows her obvious disgust over Mexico in the episode "Cookin' Cookies."
  • She believes that "as long as she's cute and beautiful", people should just give her what she wants.

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