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"Reigny Day" is the 6th episode of Camp Camp.


Camp Campbell is visited by the Camp Critic Committee, and David is ready to impress them and win the prestigious (to him) Counselor of the Year Award. But when rain hits and all the campers are forced to stay in the mess hall, David must make new plans. Meanwhile, Nikki and Max search for Neil, who has gone missing.

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David: We're so happy to have you here today!  

David: It's such an honor to have the Camp Critic Committee visit us again. You know, after last years incident.  

David: Which I really want to apologize for that again, and if you were wondering,  

David: yes, the camper did survive, physically speaking.  

David: But, a lot has changed since then!  

David: And I think that this year you will see that I am truly, without a doubt,  

David: the prime candidate for the "Camp Counselor of the Year Award"!  

*scribble scribble*  

David: Right, well we've got a big day of outdoor activities planned,  

David: but as you know the most important start of any day is a balanced breakfast!  

David: Yep, we run a tight ship around here, but  

we also encourage freedom of expression.  

Gwen: Uh, David?  

David: Not now!  

David: Heh, sorry, this is one of our other counselors.  

David: She's got nothing to report, as always  

because our camp is really great, as always.  

David: Have I mentioned how great our camp is?  

Gwen: David!  


David: Now, we always make sure our daily activities test the bodies and minds of all of our campers,  

David: and today is no exception.  

David: Behold!  

Gwen: Look, David-  

David: WHAT, Gwen! I have gone through a lot of planning and preparation to make this day happen.  

David: What could you possibly tell me that I don't already know?  

Gwen: It's about to rain.  

David: ...nooo...  

[ Camp Camp Song Song ]  

David: 'Okay, what am I going to do? Think, think...'  

David: Yes, rain. Any camp's worst nightmare, but not here.  

You see, the plan all along was to make, uh...  

David: 'Okay, think David, think!  

You can't have a repeat of last year.'  

David: 'Poor, poor Chucky.  

I hope his family got the flowers.'  

David: 'I should send them an email.  

But not now!'  

David: 'Now I have to focus. What's an outside-of-the-box idea that's guaranteed not to go wrong?'  


David: ...was to make young Dolph here the counselor for the day! Isn't that right, Dolph?  

Dolph: Who, me? Really?  

David: ...yeppers! I've always said, "what better way to  

learn than to teach"?  

David: Dolph loves arts and crafts, and I'm sure he'll love teaching his fellow campers how to love them too.  

Dolph: Thank you, Mr. David. Under my rule,  


David: 'This is probably fine.'  

*scribble scribble*  

David: ...uhhehehehe...  

* BARK *  
* hisss *  

Dolph: Come now my friends,  

Dolph: let us express ourselves through the glory of  


Max: Man, this is lame. I miss Chucky.  

Nikki: Yeah,  

Nikki: and this macaroni sucks!  

Wanna go see how many pudding cups we can fit in our pockets?  
Oooh! Yeah!  
I think we can hit 20 this time!  
What d'you think, Neil?  
Wait, where's Neil?  
I don't know.  
But we need those pockets!  
They're deep.  
You lookin' for Neil?  
What do you know, Nurf?  
Nothin', I'd just like to be included for once.  
I feel like I'm always just in the background of your adventures.  
I mean, that's mainly because you bully kids constantly, Nurf.  
You're kind of an asshole.  
Sorry, sorry. I'm working on my issues.  
Back off!  
I only bully Neil Tuesdays, Thursdays, and non-denominational holidays.  
I understand he celebrates the Sabbath.  
Maybe he...vanished!  
Have you guys at least seen him?  
I saw him with the space kid this morning.  
Ehh...I guess we'll track him down.  
Ooh, a MYSTERY!  
Nope, just a normal one.  
Or is it...  
It is.  
Hmm... you seem pretty confident about that.  
Shut up, let's go find him.  
Tsk tsk tsk...  
You see, I feel that letting the campers take over gives them a sense of pride and purpose,  
that you just don't get with those other 'traditional' camps.  
Oh, uh, yes Dolph?  
How can I help YOU?  
Vhere are your papers?  
Uh, I'm not quite sure what you mean.  
Your papers, vhere are zhey?  
It's a very simple question, David.  
You are only hurting yourself by lying.  
Oh, you want more construction paper!  
Ja, vhat did you zhink I meant?  
I'm not some sort of secret police or something.  
So, Space Kid, you like science and shit, right?  
See my partner, she's what we call a hothead.  
Now she thinks you murdered Neil to  
get his science supplies.  
What?! No, no, I didn't...  


Ask him about his albino!  
- You mean his alibi?  
- That too!  
Uhh... Nikki, he can see you.  
Where is he, huh! Did you eat him? BARF HIM UP!  
No, please, no!  
The last time I saw him, he was with Dolph!  
Vat is this! You must color inside the line!  
I do not approve of mixing colors!  
That's unsettling.  
*scribble scribble*  
Where's Neil?! What did you do with him?!  
You must not speak to me this vay!  
Respect ze armband!  
*scribble scribble scribble*  
All right kiddos, why don't we take this conversation somewhere else,  
like another room! Or another camp!  
Remember your place David! I am in charge today.  
Now what seems to be the problem?  
There is a missing child?  
What! No-o-o, I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding.  
Missing is such a strong word, I'm sure Neil is just...  
David, I swear to God, if you lost-  

DOLPH: Somevun is hiding from art's divine presence?  

We shall make an example of him!  
Let the hunt begin!  
*dramatic sting*  
'This is still fine.'  
Alright, I've given you each a unique number.  
Now write it on your arm so we don't lose anyvun else.  
Ooh! I'll be a bloodhound!  
Sniff! Sniff! Sniff-sniff-sniff!  
Let's search the floorboards!  
This has escalated quickly.  

DOLPH: You cannot hide from us, Neil!  

*scribble scribble*  
*fire ignites*  
'This is no longer fine.'  
Sniff! Sniff-sniff-sniff! Ooh!  
Quick, someone open the pantry!  
What is it girl? Is he in here?  
I think so!  
Not really. I just want a snack.  

NIKKI: Aha! I knew it would be in here.  

Oh snap, did someone get murdered?  
This is horrible.  
There goes my award!  
Uh, more tent for me.  
What are you guys looking at?  
Neil, he lives!  
Just as I knew the entire time.  
Mystery solved.  
Mystery? I was just hanging out in the attic  
with the crackers and juice  
Oh, my shoe.  
Ze attic, of course! Amongst the juice! So crafty.  
Wait, why were you in the attic?  
Oh, I was just writing in, you know, my diary.  
You write in a diary?  
...aaand this is why I write in the attic.  
*muttered agreements*  
Oh, this is a disaster!  
Good thing none of this matters.  
*gasps* Really? For me? Oh, I can't...  
"For finding ze missing camper, ve name  
you ze camp counselor of ze year."  
My goodness, zis is ze happiest day of  
mein life!  
High five! High five! High five! High five!  

DAVID: 'I can't believe I lost to Dolph.  

He isn't even a counselor!'  

NIKKI: 'Plus he really looks like Hitler.'  

MUSIC: "Rain Rain" by Richie Branson, Solar Slim  



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  • As it starts to rain, a cat and a dog fall out of the sky, an obvious reference to the expression "raining cats and dogs".
  • Various Hitler- and Nazi-themed jokes were made relating to Dolph, enough to make Nikki draw the conclusion that "he really looks like Hitler". Among them:
    • Dolph declares upon being made Camp Counselor for the day that he will "make Camp Campbell great again".
    • Disappointed with the selection of construction paper, Dolph asks David, "Where are your papers?" After David realizes he's talking about construction paper, Dolph replies "What did you think I meant? I'm not some sort of secret police or something."
    • As the kids are drawing and coloring, Ered appears to be creating a poster that says "OBEY" with Dolph's face below it. Meanwhile, when Harrison uses a number of different crayons to color in his image (of a pig wearing a Tyrolean hat, overalls, and boat shoes, and saying "Guten Tag!"), Dolph tells him to color inside the lines, stating, "I do not approve of mixing colors!"
    • Dolph raises his arm and drops a small piece of black construction paper, and it sticks to his face, giving him a toothbrush mustache (aka a "Hitler-stache"). In the same scene, he is also wearing a red, white, and black armband labeled "CCFD" ("Camp Counselor For the Day") that is reminiscent of a Nazi armband.
    • Once Dolph learns that Neil is missing, he asks everyone to write a number on their arms to make sure they don't lose anyone else. Such numbers were originally used to identify inmates in Nazi concentration camps by tattooing them on the inmates' skin. Nikki volunteers as a bloodhound (often used to find individuals hiding from the Gestapo), and Dolph suggests they search the floorboards (under which Holocaust survivors often hid).
    • When Neil reappears, he says he was just hanging out in the attic with the crackers and juice. Dolph replies "The attic, of course! Amongst the juice! So crafty." ("Juice" is meant to sound like "Jews", and attics were another place Holocaust survivors often hid.) When Max asks Neil why he was in the attic, he replies that he was writing in his diary (a reference to the diary of Anne Frank).
    • After being chosen as the Camp Counselor of the Year, Dolph holds his arm up to try to get high-fives from everyone, in a pose identical to the Nazi salute.
  • When Nikki interrogates Nurf about Neil's whereabouts, she asks him whether he made Neil prom queen, only to cover him in blood, a reference to a scene from the Stephen King novel Carrie.
  • Two more Campbell Corp products appear in this episode: Craft Solvent and Industrial Solvent.
  • The pantry contains various items, including a box labeled "Mutha-Fracker's Bread Crumbs", bottles labeled "Juice" with a picture of a grape, and several tins labeled "Duck", "Pig Parts!", "OK Food" (with a sad face on it), "Mushy Peas!", "Beans", "Assorted Animal", "Beaks", and "Ween". There is also a box labeled "Rerts Crackers" (a reference to Ritz Crackers) spilled on the floor. Nikki then grabs a "Prix" bar (a reference to Twix).
  • Max's line "this has escalated quickly" is likely a reference to a similar famous line from Anchorman, "that escalated quickly".
  • Dolph's line, "I will make Camp Campbell great again!", is a possible reference to Donald Trump's famous statement, "Make America Great Again!"

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