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"Quartermaster" is the quartermaster of Camp Campbell.


The Quartermaster is so far the oldest character in series, having been in the position when David attended Camp Campbell when he was younger. He has a thick gray mustache and hair and wears a tan and white hat, a dark olive green and brown jacket over a red flannel shirt, blue jeans and brown knee high boots. The most striking part of his appearance is his hooked hand. One of his eyes is always closed.


The Quartermaster is silent and isn't anywhere near upbeat as David. There's no clear reason why he actually works at the camp since he doesn't seem to particularly enjoy kids. As shown in the second episode, he has no qualms about killing animals, even if kids are present. In episode 5, he is a "covert pervert", as he warned Max and other campers against going to Spooky Island, simply because he was having a private sex party.


  • In Episode 5, the Quartermaster had a (censored) dildo attached to where his hook usually is.
  • He has a nipple piercing
  • He took the throne from the Squirrel King and has declared himself the new king.
  • He confirmed that he was once part of the People's Temple with his quote in Cult Camp regarding Jonestown, the headquarters of the People's Temple

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