Gaylord[1] "Nurf" Nurfington is a camper that was sent to Camp Campbell by his parents to enroll in behavioral correction camp. He acts as the camp's "bully."


Nurf is stocky with a light complexion with freckles, green eyes and slightly spiky red hair. He has a large nose and a cleft chin. Nurf wears a ripped yellow t-shirt that exposes his lower stomach and belly button, a pair of brown shorts and dark brown shoes.


Nurf is an angry child who finds joy in constantly tormenting the other campers. He is, however, surprisingly aware of his problems and actively tries to change his habits.[2]. He is rather organized about his bullying and is rather insightful and articulate. Similar to Max, he uses rather crude language. Despite how intelligent he seems to be, most of the time he carries himself as a violent brute. As such, he only responds to similar violence, as demonstrated when he ceases his violent behavior only after David accidentally slaps him while tripping. After this experience, he goes to lie down and changes overall for the next season. In season 2, he doesn't show any signs of aggression or madness at all. (Except for Egg Benifits where he seems to have negative feelings towards Preston.)

In the episode "Anti-Social Network," it is revealed that he explored his sexuality in the past, with a boy called Chris, implying he may either be bisexual, pansexual, or gay.[3]


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  • Nurf has a large, seemingly endless supply of knives.
  • Nurf is shown a Rorschach in "David Gets Hard" that seems to depict sexual intercourse. His reaction seems to indicate that he has witnessed (e.g. his parents), or been victim of such an act.
  • In the season 2 episode "Anti-Social Network", it is revealed that Nurf's mom is in jail.
  • Nurf was a difficult character for the writers to incorporate into the story.[4]
    David Gets Hard, Nurf rorschach test

    Nurf interpreting a Rorschach test in "David Gets Hard".

  • He is lactose intolerant.
  • In Episode 9, Nurf is shown punching and cracking Space Kid's helmet, despite the helmet being bulletproof in Episode 1. This implies that Nurf is unnaturally, possibly even inhumanly strong.


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