Nikki is an adventure camper at Camp Campbell, but was originally a Flowerscout. It has been hinted that her mother, Candy, may have lied about what type of camp she was originally going to.


Nikki is a child of a relatively short stature, equivalent to Max's height. She wears a mustard yellow shirt and red overalls rolled up to her knees. Her hair is turquoise with matching laced shoes. Her eyes are an unusual bright pink. She has two white band-aids on her left cheek and scratches on her right cheek, hinting she often gets hurt over her love of adventure.


Nikki is highly energetic and eccentric, seeming to enjoy the high action, randomness, and eccentricity of Camp Campbell. She joined the Adventure Camp, and has shown to very much enjoy adventures. She is one of the few characters who seems to be completely on board with practically any of the activities presented to the group.

She seems to enjoy dangerous things, describing herself as "an agent of chaos." She seemed to be very attached to a Platypus that she found after learning it was poisonous, went along with Max's escape plan for the sole reason of wanting to drive a bus, and even insisted that she wanted a Viking funeral, saying to "Light me up!" When asked what she would do when she left the camp, she stated she wanted to live with the animals, maybe get raised by wolves.

She was previously a Flowerscout, but their strict and overly feminine behavior clashed, and she was kicked out by them. Nikki refers to the experience as traumatic for her.


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  • According to Nikki, her mother has a penchant for lying.
  • Nikki seems to have a unique bond with wild animals, even managing to tame an eagle in "Scout's Dishonor." In "Escape from Camp Campbell," she makes mention of her plan to possibly become the alpha of a wolf pack upon escaping. In "Camporee," it is revealed that she is even capable of cross-species communication.
  • Her parents aren't together/have split up multiple times.[1]
  • In "Reigny Day," Nikki is seen somehow telepathically communicating with David as he laments losing his award to Dolph. Specifically, she notes that, "he really looks like Hitler."
  • If Nikki is away from nature for too long, she unconsciously becomes more feminine in appearance, and visibly ill, to the point of coughing up blood.[2]


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