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return {
    ["Season 1 OST"] = {
        -- Season 1 Soundtrack
        "The Camp Camp Rap Rap",
        "Naughty Farmer",
        "Taste You Like Yogurt",
        "Talkin' That Shit",
        "Rain Rain",
        "Adventurer Inside",
        "Tropicana In My Pocket",
        "Tiny Glowing Screens Part 3",
        "Freedom (Or Die Trying)%",
        "Going Down",
        "Keeper of the Flame",
        -- Link to Season 2 OST
        "Camp Camp Season 2 Soundtrack"
    ["Season 2 OST"] = {
        -- Link to Season 1 OST
        "Camp Camp Season 1 Soundtrack",
        -- Season 2 Soundtrack
        "Cult of Personality",
        "I, for One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords",
        "The Bard's Tale",
        "Least Likely to Succeed",
        "Family Matters",
        "Bon Bon Voyage",
        "Underpaid and Overqualified",
        "Maliyah's Melody",
        "Finally, I Got to Make a Space Kid Song!",
        "Bake Sale",
        "Outro Outro",
        "Spooky Island Cypher",
        "Christmas, Christmas (or Whatever)"

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