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"Mind Freakers" is the 10th episode of Camp Camp.

Official synopsis

Harrison does a magic trick that Neil can't figure out. Desperately, Neil begins to do whatever it takes to find an answer.

–Episode description


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  • The title of the episode (as well as the multiple mentions of Neil having his mind "freaked") is presumably a reference to the TV series Criss Angel Mindfreak hosted by magician Criss Angel.
  • When Harrison makes Max throw up a long chain of scarves tied together, the chain also seems to include a white stuffed rabbit, the Quartermaster's hook, and Ered's purple skateboard.
  • Neil writes a bunch of numbers and equations on a chalkboard in an attempt to understand how Harrison did the trick. Among these, the quadratic formula is visible, as well as the number 23 written over and over on the right side of the board.
  • When Neil asks Nikki if Harrison is teaching her his tricks, she mentions that she wanted to learn "Avada Kedavra", but that Harrison told her it was forbidden. This is the Killing Curse from the Harry Potter series. Later, when Neil tells her that she is now his apprentice, she mentions that she has so much to learn and hasn't even been sorted into a House yet.
  • Neil later asks Nikki, "Did he reveal his secret? Masked Magician-style?" This is a reference to Val Valentino, an illusionist performing under the stage name "the Masked Magician" who hosted a series of specials titled Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed in which he explained the methods behind various magic tricks and illusions.
  • When Neil chugs the rest of his mug in anger after Nikki tells him what Harrison said, the bottom of his mug is visible and is labeled "IKEYA", likely a reference to the furniture retailer IKEA.
  • When Neil "christens" Nikki as level 4, he performs the sign of the cross on her.
  • While the events of the episode are going on, David and Gwen are shown to be watching a show that is clearly meant to resemble Bob Ross's hugely popular series The Joy of Painting. (Meanwhile, the drawers visible in the background are labeled "David" and "Knee High Socks", respectively.) Miles Luna is credited as playing the character, Rob Boss.
  • Harrison tells Neil that the spell to save Nikki is powered by belief, like a Spirit Bomb (an attack from the Dragon Ball franchise that works by absorbing energy from the surrounding people).

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