Miles Luna is a co-creator, writer, and voice actor for Camp Camp. He works on other productions at Rooster Teeth, such as writer, director and voice actor Felix for Red vs. Blue, writer and voice actor of Jaune Arc for RWBY, among other roles.

He wrote and performed the "Camp Camp Song Song".


  • Miles is a half-Mexican half-American with his dad being a Mexican and his mom being a ginger.
    • He also has a younger brother.
  • He has ADHD.
  • Miles is a fan of the popular anime Kill la Kill.
    • His favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop.
  • His favorite character from Red vs. Blue is Butch Flowers.
  • He enjoys collecting amiibos.
  • When asked how many times it took for him to perfect the theme song he proudly replies "11 times."


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