Max is a camper at Camp Campbell. His deeply cynical attitude about the camp clashes with David's perky attitude and his main goals include escaping the camp and "breaking" David's facade.


Max has dark poofy hair, aqua colored eyes and tanned skin. He wears a blue hoodie with a yellow shirt underneath, blue jeans, and white and red shoes with black laces. He is often seen scowling.


Max is often annoyed by the antics of Camp Campbell. The first episode of the series, "Escape from Camp Campbell," establishes that he wants nothing more than to leave the camp.

He is a jaded child who not only despises the camp, but seems to despise everything in general, including merely being alive. He doesn't have the same childish behavior as the rest of the campers and has one more similar to that of a teenager.

His cleverness prevents him from being scared of the "unknown", such as ghosts and monsters, but even Max was terrified when he went to Spooky Island and when Harrison made him throw up magic props.

Despite how smart Max is, he can forget the most obvious of things as shown in episode 1, when he hijacks the camp bus and forgets that he doesn't actually know how to drive a bus. This is shown again at the end of The Order of the Sparrow, where, when starting the bonfire with wet logs, he poured gasoline on them, unaware that it's highly volatile. This caused a large explosion, showing that despite being clever, he is naive because of his age.

As show in Camp Cool Kidz, his somewhat rebellious nature, and belief in 99% use of violence could be influenced by politically far-left movements such as Occupy Wall Street and the Communists.

He seems to have absolutely no belief in any afterlife whatsoever, cheerfully stating "When you die, you're faced with eternal nothingness. It's gonna be great." In Journey to Spooky Island, he also seems to scold science as he believes that the horrific experiments in Cameron Campbell's abandoned summer home were "mild experimentation at best". In the episode Into Town, he considers the Moon Landings as a hoax conducted by the government to humiliate the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Considering the situation, this could have been to simply get rid of Space Kid (as it's implied he has said that to him numerous times). His intentions with David range from murder to making him question his flawed ideology and make him cry at night. In his words, he is not a monster. He was also visibly affected by Harrison's magic.

In Anti-Social Network, it is revealed that he wants to look at boobs on Neil's computer, revealing a lustful nature.

Despite all of this, Max is not truly an evil person. In episode 8, when Nurf revealed much of his background, Max was visibly uneasy and sympathetic to an extent. He also apologized after pointing out Pikeman's acne. Also, at the end of episode 12, he manages to convince the entire camp to help him create David's image of a perfect summer camp after hearing him explain why he tries so hard for the campers. He repairs the ancient staff, but tells David not to look too deep into it, showing that Max does have a kinder side to his personality, but isn't comfortable displaying it openly. 


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  • According to "Camp Cool Kidz", Max reveals that his parents left their home country. This reveals that Max's ethnic background is not American. Another fact to prove this theory is that Max also claims that "People in Sheets got him concerned," which is most likely a reference to the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist cult that hates and targets non-Caucasian ethnicities.
  • In "The Order of the Sparrow", Max is implied to be of Indian descent.
  • Max, as shown in "Journey to Spooky Island", is not easily scared.
  • Max is skilled in knitting, as shown when he was able to knit a cloth dummy of himself in "Escape from Camp Campbell", as well as additional dummies for Neil and Nikki.
  • Before Neil and Nikki, Max apparently had at least one friend in Camp Camp, Chucky, whom he mentions in "Reigny Day".
  • Max and David are the only characters whose ages have been clearly established.
  • Max wears his blue hoodie over his yellow shirt, according to the writers, as an act of rebellion
  • Max takes his coffee black.
  • Unlike the other campers, the camp that Max is at Camp Campbell for is never mentioned in any episode.


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