How are you not getting this?! My parents don't care about shit like this! They are NOT! COMING! EVER!

— Max, "Parents' Day"

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Maxwell "Max" is a camper at Camp Campbell. His deeply cynical attitude about the camp clashes with David's perky demeanor. His initial main goals included escaping the camp, and "breaking David's façade."


Max is a relatively short kid with a thin build, poofy black hair, bluish-green eyes, and sunshade skin. He often has bags under his eyes. He wears a contrasting blue hoodie with a Camp Campbell yellow T-shirt underneath, blue jeans, and red shoes with white stripes and black laces.

In "Camp Cool Kidz", his resistance attire consists of him being topless along with the black markings slathered around his eyes and all over his body.

In "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected," his costume consists of a cardboard wizard hat along with a strap-on wizard's beard.

In "The Order of the Sparrow," his Native American wear consists of him being topless with brown pants and his usual shoes. With the sides of his hair being braided.

His Indian wear consists of a baby blue robe like dress with spiraling patterns on it. Accompanied by a creamy white scarf that has a tan edge.

In "Cult Camp," his "ascension form" consists of his usual attire but with its color palette being swapped with different shades of white.

In "Jermy Fartz," he briefly wears a pair of Scientist goggles.

In "Cookin' Cookies," he is seen wearing a samurai helmet accompanied by a samurai sword.


Max is often annoyed by the antics that take place at Camp Campbell. The first episode of the series, "Escape from Camp Campbell," establishes that he wants nothing more than to escape.

He is a jaded child who seems to despise a wide variety of things, including being forced to stay at camp. Max is unique in the sense that he doesn't have the same childish behavior that the other campers do.

His cleverness prevents him from being scared of the "unknown," such as ghosts and monsters, but even Max was terrified when he went to Spooky Island and walked into the Quartermaster's dungeon, when Harrison made him throw up magic props, and when Jermy Fartz scared him in the emergency huddle.

Despite how smart Max is, he often forgets the most obvious of things, as shown in "Escape from Camp Campbell," when he hijacks the camp bus but forgets that he doesn't actually know how to drive one. This is shown again at the end of "The Order of the Sparrow," where, when starting the bonfire with wet logs, he poured gasoline on them, unaware that it's highly volatile. This caused a large explosion, showing that despite being clever, he is naive due to his current age.

He seems to have absolutely no belief in any afterlife whatsoever, cheerfully stating, "When you die, you're faced with eternal nothingness. It's gonna be great." In "Journey to Spooky Island," he seems to have, at the very least, a basic understanding of science, as he states that the horrific experiments in Campbell Manor were "mild experimentation at best." In the episode "Into Town," he explains that he considers the Moon Landings to be a hoax conducted by the government in order to humiliate the Soviet Union during the Space Race. Considering the situation, this could have been simply to get rid of Space Kid (as it's implied he has said that to him numerous times). In his own words, he is not a monster.

In "Anti-Social Network," it is revealed that he wants to look at boobs on Neil's computer. This is a followup to "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected," where he steals David's phone and uses it to Google what boobs look like.

Despite all of this, Max is not a bad person. In the episode "David Gets Hard", when Nurf revealed much of his background, Max was visibly uneasy and sympathetic to an extent. He also apologized after pointing out Pikeman's acne in "Scout's Dishonor". Also, at the end of "The Order of the Sparrow," he manages to convince the entire camp to help him create David's image of a perfect summer camp after hearing him explain why he tries so hard for the campers. He repairs the ancient staff but tells David not to look too deeply into it. And how he's determined to get David and Bonquisha back together so David would stop acting depressed in "Bonjour Bonquisha", showing that Max does have a kinder side to his personality, but isn't comfortable displaying it openly. 

In "Parent's Day," it's shown that Max's various references to his neglectful parents were right all along, as Max's file reveals he wasn't signed up for any specific camp. Also in the same episode, Max actually shows visible interest in Space Kid's parents' absence, until he finds out that his uncle, Buzz Aldrin, came instead.


  • Wide Intellect: Despite him being only ten years old, Max is shown to have proven that he has a wide knowledge of several things as shown in several episodes. Such as when he pointed out the actual reason why parents leave their children at summer camps at the beginning of "Escape from Camp Campbell," when he built a masterfully built Rube Goldberg machine in "Mascot," or when he outwits Neil-Bot and not getting sucked into it like everyone else at camp was.



I refuse to believe that someone as happy as you could possibly exist!

— Max to David in "Escape from Camp Campbell"

Max embracing David (Parents' Day)

Max embracing David

At first, Max is shown to greatly despite David and his happy-go-lucky, positive attitude and eagerness of showing the bright side of things and Camp Campbell in general. But as the series progressed, their relationships is shown to be not as antagonistic as people may think. While early in the series he attempted to kill David outright, he showed concern for him notable times. And is by far, the only adult whom he trusts.

In "Escape from Camp Campbell," he is shown to strongly disrespect him and often try to prove that there's nothing for him to be so cheerful about as he states that he doesn't believe that someone as happy as him could possibly exist. He warns David about his upcoming antics that he plans on unleashing along with his newly made friends.

In "Mascot," he plotted to kill David by catapulting a boulder that has "Fuck the Police" scribbled on it. After the projectile missed its target by a few inches, it heads straight for Spooky Island.

In "Camp Cool Kidz," his distaste in authority is shown yet again as he and the other campers tie him and Gwen together onto the flagpole and even slaps him to make him shut up.

In "Romeo and Juliet II: Love Resurrected," he thinks that stealing and messing with David's phone would be a fun way to prank him. He ends up changing the settings to David's Tinder and ends up matching with Bonquisha, Googled "how to blow up a summer camp," "super murder plot," and "what do boobies look like" much to the FBI's dismay.

In "Into Town," his determination of trying to break David's façade is shown to be stronger than ever as he and Nikki and Neil follow him into town after Gwen sends him off to go unwind a bit. He and Nikki end up tailing him all over town which ends up making Max theorize that David had the intent of wanting to murder Max after he witnesses the tools that David purchases. Only to reveal that his idea of a getaway from the camp was to go camping but in a different location.

In "David Gets Hard," he offers to help David to become tougher on Nurf in exchange for no activities for a week, double dessert and David's social security number.

In "The Order of the Sparrow," it is shown that despite his constant streak of trying to get David to break, he actually cares about him. This is shown after Max and David's conflict over the bonfire and after David outright curses in front of him. He then realizes that David would somehow try to kill himself if he doesn't do something and ends up plotting up how to remake David's ideal scenario of The Order of the Sparrow. After finding out about Max's idea, he quickly shows his heartwarming smile as a sign of his absolute gratitude to which Max tells him to not look deeply into it. Max finally gives in onto joining the others in the bonfire while Gwen sings a slow version of the theme song with a soft smile to his face and his end of the broken Sparrow Staff.

In "Cult Camp," he tried his best to warn David about Daniel but David kept dismissing it as one of his ways of trying to mess with people. Max resorts to throwing himself into Daniel's purification chamber in order to make David snap out of it and wake up to the fact that the camp was in danger and there was no one else to help them. David comes to his senses and defeats Daniel in their sing off and drives him off Camp Campbell by making him drink his own poisoned Kool-Aid.

Max's concern for David's happiness is shown again in "Bonjour Bonquisha," when he gets all the other campers to work together in order to get Bonquisha and David back together . He even asks the assistance of the Flower Scouts in exchange for a pre-order of 500 cookies using David's credit card.

In "Parents' Day," Max is finally shown to start looking up to David as a father figure. After David and Gwen decided that Max's happiness was more important than the camp and Mr. Campbell's reputation by bringing him into town to grab some pizza. He then realizes that both David and Gwen care deeply about him and shows his gratitude towards them by smiling softly. After their stay at the pizzeria, Max goes as far as to wrap David in a quick embrace. David is surprised for this but then smiles back at him after he goes back to his cynical personality and threatens him not to tell anyone else of what happened.


Wow! Nikki, thanks for getting us through this. You know, sometimes, life is beautiful.

—Max to Nikki in "Eggs Benefits"

Maxki (Eggs Nenefits)

Max thanking Nikki on showing him that life can be beautiful at times

Nikki is one of Max's best friends. Nikki and Max both meet in "Escape from Camp Campbell," when she and Neil first arrive at the camp. Nikki is one of the few people that Max respects and actually sees as a friend rather than another annoying person. Nikki is often seen backing up Max's troublemaking antics which often gets them into trouble.

As the series progressed, so does their friendship. After the events of "Escape from Camp Campbell," Max is shown to often hang out with Nikki and Neil as they try their every attempt at trying to escape camp.

In "Mascot," Nikki advises him that going with the Quartermaster might not be the best idea considering the fact that he may turn Max into a skin suit. He doesn't believe her and Neil at first but then takes it into consideration in the latter after Quartermaster points his hook towards his direction, only to slash open a path towards Squirrel King's Kingdom.

In "Camp Cool Kidz," Max assures Nikki that no one is "too cool" and tells her that she shouldn't really look up or even listen to Ered. He gets angry at her for "betraying" him and later on engages in hand-to-hand combat with her. After getting busted by Cameron Campbell, Nikki apologizes for not listening to him and in return, he reassures her that it wasn't her fault and blames Neil instead.

In "Journey to Spooky Island," Max and Nikki's beliefs in the supernatural clash as they try to prove who's right and who's wrong. Resulting in both of them, including Neil, to be scarred for life after seeing what truly hides at the depths of the Campbell Manor.

In "Reigny Day," Nikki and Max's friendship seem to have grown as shown when she reveals that she and Max steal pudding cups and stuff it down Neil's pockets. They later decide to speculate what happened to Neil after they notice his absence throughout the episode. Max refers to Nikki as his partner in crime in which she is the hothead as they both interview the other campers. Nikki believes that Neil has been murdered but Max reassures her that it's just another one of those missing people cases. Nikki offered to be the bloodhound in their search as they both progressed to the kitchen only to find Neil writing in his diary while hiding in the attic.

In "Into Town," The trio head to town and end up splitting up to find David and to see if David comes back to the Camp Camp mobile. Max and Nikki go together to find David, but unfortunately, Nikki starts becoming sick and weak while turning girlier appearance-wise in the process. Max drags her all around town and they end up in a strip club as to which the Bouncer tells them to "don't ever come back" to Max and to "come back when you're 18" to Nikki. Max and Nikki continue their trek and asks the local Barkeep for David's whereabouts, with Nikki showing him her drawing of David as an anime character. Near the end of the episode, Nikki starts coughing up blood while Max wonders as to what has happened to her. He then realizes his mistake and regrets dragging her all over town.

In "Anti-Social Network," Max and Nikki's friendship has proven to grown even more now as they suggest that they should play games (or look at boobs) on Neil's computer. Nikki then suggests for them to watch cat videos to which Max happily replies with "Hell yes!".

In "Bonjour Bonquisha," she, Max and Neil try their best to get Bonquisha to take David back so that he won't be depressed anymore. The campers used their joint efforts in trying to make their plan successful and even get the help of The Flower Scouts but unfortunately, to no avail.

Max vs Nikki (Camp Cool Kidz)

Max concerned for Nikki

In "Eggs Benefits," Nikki and Max's relationship is shown prominently as the episode reveals how they react to being parent-like figures to an egg. Nikki and Max have shown two completely opposite reactions to taking care of the said egg. While Nikki decides to love it and take care of it, wanting it to grow up happy and with parents supporting it all the way, Max wanted to leave it in a box and let strangers take care of it, reflecting his relationship with his parents. After Nikki shows him the true beauty of nature, he finally admits that life can be beautiful at times and sincerely thanks Nikki for showing him so.

In "Space Camp Was a Hoax," it is shown that Max cares for Nikki's safety as well. As shown when he confiscates the knife that she had in order to avoid her getting hurt and thus proceeds with his safer plan instead.

In "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL," Max's concern for Nikki's safety is once again shown when he quickly grabs her by the arm and runs off with her elsewhere in order for her not to get infected by the others. After everyone else gets infected, he worriedly advises Ered that they got infected, and that "They even got Nikki."

In "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever," he and Neil were eager to find out why Nikki loves Christmas so much. Even going as far as to sing along despite him only singing one line. After revealing why she loves Christmas so much, he gets enraged at first but then sees her point and calms down. Afterwards, Nikki reveals that the two boys are also another reason why she loves Christmas and proceeds to drag them into a group hug with her, to which Max replies with a sincere smile while looking onto the floor.


Do you want to spend the rest of your summer at this godforsaken place or do you want to enjoy the sweet taste of freedom?

—Max to Neil in "Escape from Camp Campbell"

Max You Get Me

Max relating to Neil

Neil and Max first meet at the beginning of the series in "Escape from Camp Campbell," when he and Nikki show up as the newest additions to the camp. Neil is also one of Max's best friends. Although he is shown to respect Nikki more out of the two, he and Neil are also shown to have a rather close bond. As he has no trouble supporting Max's troublesome antics as well as join in in trying to escape Camp Campbell.

In "Escape from Camp Campbell," he convinces Neil that leaving the camp was the better option to which Neil agrees to. Although they failed at their attempt of escape, Max finds himself gaining two new friends. And from there on out, Max is shown to hang out with Neil and Nikki the most all throughout the series.

In "Camp Cool Kids," Max is shown to respect him less despite being in his close group of friends. This is shown after the events of the episode, wherein he blames everything on Neil.

In "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected," Though not shown explicitly, Max is shown to be careful not to hurt his friends. As shown when Neil asks max to beat him up so that he could not be able to perform, as to which Max replies with a gentle slap to the cheek. Although Max is shown to be careful not to hurt his friends physically, he has no shame in hurting them in other ways such as when he used Neil's picture to catfish people using David's Tinder. Which resulted to Neil's utter embarrassment and humiliation which causes a commotion with Bonquisha and Tabii.

In "Mind Freakers," Neil is shown to have a selfish side when it comes to accomplishing his wishes. This is shown when he engages in a brief conversation with Max on the following morning after Max ends up throwing up a handkerchief chain of several different objects. He ends up eating Max's breakfast and didn't take Max's feelings into consideration after he talks about what Harrison has done to him and not Max.

In "Anti-Social Network," Neil is bothered by everyone else bugging him into doing stuff for them, which results to him building Neil-Bot. Although it was successful in brainwashing everyone else into ignoring Neil completely, Max saw right through this and even outwits Neil-Bot while he was at it. Neil finally gives in into socializing and proceed to watch cat videos with Max and Nikki.


There's no time travelling doctor out there to save you, Gwen! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!

—Max to Gwen about her love of Doctor Who in "David Gets Hard"

Max egging on Gwen (Journey to Spooky Island)

Max egging on Gwen's career choices

Max is shown to disapprove of Gwen's several useless degrees and seem to disrespect her authority but not as much as his disrespect towards David's authority. He is usually seen egging on her for every degree that she mentions herself having and like almost every other character in the show, he doesn't acknowledge her hardwork and effort she's put into her job.

This is prominently shown in "Camp Cool Kidz," as he and the other campers proceed to tie her and David together onto the flagpole.

In "Journey to Spooky Island," he quickly dismisses the fact that Gwen was attempting to tell her own version of what a scary story might be. Considering that the story she had in mind was going to be about vampire romance.

In "David Gets Hard," He is shown to find Gwen to be "the worst" as he describes her as a slacker who doesn't know what she's doing in her life and even calls her out for fangirling about Doctor Who and wanting to have his British babies.

In "Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak," he eggs on Gwen's useless degrees once more and even claims that it was "so tragic."

In "Gwen Gets a Job," after he sees that Gwen fears the worst when it comes to David knowing about her job hunt and her wish of quitting her job. He decides to take it upon himself to use this as a perfect opportunity to blackmail her. He ends up making her go to The Wood Scouts' Camp, advice them on how to up their popcorn sales, advice Pikeman on how to talk to women, climb the height of a mountain, dug through the mud and even risked getting hit by lightning just to get Max's teddy bear, Mr. Honeynuts, back to him. She gets her revenge at the end of the episode after she regains her confidence after David's pep talk and embarrasses Max as she reveals to the whole camp that he owns a teddy bear and proceeds to join David on her interview.

Although he is shown to be on bad terms with Gwen, there are times when he shows his gratefulness towards her. Such as in "Parents' Day" when David and Gwen decided that Max's happiness was more important than the camp's (along with Mr. Campbell himself's) reputation by taking him to town and buying him pizza. In the end, he is shown to secretly appreciate David and Gwen's effort in trying to make him happy as he smiles softly at the two. Though he is not comfortable with showing it publicly.


Sorry, Nerris. I don't speak the language of dwee- I mean, while I do not agree with your assessment. I recognize your right to have an opinion.

—Max to Nerris about her reason as to why she's the best camper in "Jermy Fartz"

Max is shown to be utterly annoyed at Nerris' LARP-ing and wanting to make everything a part of her fictional imagination. As shown in "Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak" when he only bothered to interact with Nerris only to use her enchanted dice or when he shows obvious disinterest in Nerris' reason as to why she was the best camper in "Jermy Fartz."


What did you DO to me?!

—Max to Harrison after he started regurgitating a chain of handkerchiefs in "Mind Freakers"

Like Nerris, he is also shown to despise Harrison's excessive use of magic. Though he was quite surprised and admittedly afraid of what Harrison has done to him in the episode "Mind Freakers."


I mean, that's mainly because you bully kids constantly, Nurf. You're kind of an asshole.

—Max to Nurf about his attitude in "Reigny Day"

He sees Nurf as an asshole as stated in "Reigny Day." Though he does admit that he and Nurf share the common trait of being the worst campers attitude-wise as reaveled in "David Gets Hard." In the same episode, he realizes that Nurf is more fucked up than he thought he would be. Though they are shown not to interact much, he is shown to win Nurf's bullying money on several occasions via underwater craftsring as revealed in "Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak."

Space Kid

Leave him! He's the most expendable.

—Max to Nikki about Space Kid in "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL"


Space Kid after Max steps on his body to break his fall.

He sees Space Kid as "the most expendable" and often uses him as a distraction thus leaving him out to the risk of getting exposed to danger as he runs to save his own life. Such as when he uses Space Kid as a distraction in "Camp Cool Kidz," or in "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL" when he used him to ward off a snot-nosed Neil in order to buy him and Nikki time to escape. Out of all of the campers, he is shown to pick on Space Kid the most, seeing how he either forgives people too much or is just ignorant at the fact that he doesn't know that what Max has been doing to him is considered bullying.


No one's too cool to talk to. Even cool kids have to take giant uncomfortable shits from time to time. Reminds you how we're all made equal.

—Max to Nikki about Ered in "Camp Cool Kidz"

Unlike the other campers, he doesn't see her as cool as she may think that she is. As he states in "Camp Cool Kidz," he doesn't believe in people who are "too cool" and further explains how everyone was made equal.

Preston Goodplay

Don't make this lame, Preston

—Max to Preston about their revolution in "Camp Cool Kidz"

Don't make this lame, Preston (Camp Cool Kidz)

Max stopping Preston from relating their revolution to theatre plays

He sees Preston and his various attempts of relating real life situations to any play he could possibly think of quite annoying and lame. As he states in "Camp Cool Kidz" that Preston relating their revolution to that of the play "Les Miserables" or when he calls his play out on being "too boring" and thus spicing things up in his own way to which resulted to the FBI tracking them down via David's phone's searches. Like everyone else, he shows his visible disinterest on his plays and even starts eating the props that Dolph made for his Birth of Baby Jesus play in "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever."


Thaaat's a little unsettling.

—Max talking about Dolph in "Reigny Day"

They have not been seen interacting much in the series though he is shown to treat him like how he treats every other camper whom he doesn't care about, with disrespect and little to no care about what he thinks.

Cameron Campbell

He's a rich piece of shit with terrible morals. And who also potentially kills people. ALL THINGS I WAS ALREADY PRETTY SURE OF!

—Max to Nikki, Neil and Jasper about Cameron Campbell in "Journey to Spooky Island"

Cameron and Max (Camp Cool Kidz)

Cameron patting Max on the back.

He sees him as "a rich piece of shit with terrible morals" which is proven to be true in several occasions. He also shows a great distaste at him and his authority.



—Max to David about Daniel in "Cult Camp"

He was the first to notice that there was something wrong with Daniel and quickly rushes to warn David, much to no avail. He rebels against Daniel's orders in order to not be purified by him but had no other choice but to do so in order to make David come to his senses and immediately take action.

Edward Pikeman

God, your face is gross!

—Max to Pikeman about his acne in "Scout's Dishonor"

At their first meeting in "Scout's Dishonor," the first thing he notes was how Pikeman's face was even grosser when it was closed up on his own face. Though he quickly apologizes and states that it was mean of him to comment so. He generally hates the Wood Scouts and will do anything to not become of of their "fascist militant peon."


He's ex-Wood Scouts. And he's one of the best.

—Max to Nikki about Snake in "Scout's Dishonor"

Max vs Snake (Scout's Dishonor)

Max pinning Snake down, giving Nikki and Neil a chance to escape.

Before getting literally and metaphorically backstabbed by Snake, he respected him with the thought that he actually ran way from the Woodscouts. He also respected his skills but not long after he got stabbed by his candy cane and got kidnapped and sent to their camp.

Jermy Fartz


—Max to Jermy about his "bundle of sticks" costume in "Jermy Fartz"

Jermy Fartz was the reason why he almost got the whole camp in trouble because of his disgusting ways and since they weren't supposed to be mean for a straight 24 hours. He thinks that Jermy was a supposed plan sent in by the Wood Scouts to make him easily break and ruin it all for the camp.


It ain't that easy, Princess!

—Max to Sasha about trying to get David and Bonquisha back together in "Bonjour Bonquisha

Sasha, Erin and Max Bonjour Bonquisha)

Max and Sasha

He and Sasha are on rivalry terms when it comes to being the leader of their small group of friends. He also despises the Flower Scouts but had no other choice but to ask for their assistance in order to help David with his relationship with Bonquisha as shown in "Bonjour Bonquisha."


Who the hell are you?

—Max to Jasper in "Journey to Spooky Island"

Max and Jasper (Journey to Spooky Island)

Max annoyed at Jasper

Max is generally annoyed at Jasper's attempts on trying to to be part of their team and finds him rather annoying. Like Nikki, Jasper tries his best to get the trio to find out about the superstitious activities going on around the island as to which Max denies being true. He is soon proven to be wrong by Jasper after he fades away at the end of the episode, but only after the trio left the island.

His Parents

How are you not getting this? My parents are NOT! COMING! EVER!

—Max to David about his parents' absence in "Parents' Day"

Max is shown to have come from a family of neglectful parents, as hinted in various episodes and finally confirmed at the end of "Parents' Day" when his papers have nothing but his nickname and age written on it. He tells David that his parents left him there never to return and has hinted all throughout the series on how abusive they were.


  • Unlike the other campers, Max's parents "didn't care" enough to sign him up for a specific camp; leaving him without a purpose at Camp Campbell, as revealed in Parents' Day.
  • And the fact that Max's parents just left his papers with only his first name and age written on it, without revealing his last name, contact number or any other information. Proves that his parents didn't care for him at all, to the point where if something bad were to happen to Max, the camp would not be able to contact his family about it or take him back.
  • Their neglect may also be why he hoped the other camper's parents would fail at supporting their children, despite for the most part the bulk of the parents being supportive much to his dismay.
  • In "Camp Cool Kidz," Max reveals that his parents left their home country. This reveals that Max's ethnic background is not American. Another fact to prove this theory is that Max also claims that "People in sheets got [him] concerned," which is most likely a reference to the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist cult that hates and targets non-Caucasian ethnicities.
  • In "The Order of the Sparrow," Max is implied to be of Indian descent after David claims that he's like the Cherokees, which Neil replies to with "Like Max?". He was also offended by David's costume, saying "Wow, that is racist." in response to David's "WOWOWOWOWOWO!". This might be pointing at the fact that people constantly call Native Americans "Indians" by mistake, causing Max to get offended because he is actually Indian, not Native American.
  • Max, as shown in "Journey to Spooky Island," is not easily scared. Although he is visibly seen scared in instances such as when he witnesses Quartermaster and his friends taking part in sexual affairs in the dungeon underneath Campbell's Summer Home, or when he was forced to regurgitate a bunch of handkerchiefs connecting to Ered's skateboard, a rabbit and Quartermaster's hook, or when Jermy suddenly butts into their huddle in Jermy Fartz.
  • Max is skilled in knitting, as shown when he was able to knit a cloth dummy of himself in "Escape from Camp Campbell," as well as additional dummies for Neil and Nikki.
  • Max is also seen to be skilled in knot tying as shown in "Camp Cool Kidz" when David compliments his skills and how he was torn at how he used these very skills to tie him and Gwen onto the flagpole.
  • Before Neil and Nikki, Max apparently had at least one friend in Camp Camp, Chucky, whom he mentions he misses in "Reigny Day".
  • Max and David are the only characters whose ages have been clearly established. With Max's age (10) being revealed by Gwen in "Gwen Gets a Job", later confirmed in "Parents' Day". And with David's age (24) revealed in his Tinder profile in "Romeo and Juliet II: Love Resurrected".
  • Max wears his blue hoodie over his yellow shirt as an act of rebellion and that he would rather sweat through it all day than show that he's from Camp Camp, as told by the creators.
  • Max takes his coffee black as revealed in the episode "Camporee".
  • Max is only ever seen eating twice, once in "David Gets Hard" when he eats a piece of popcorn while watching David counsel Nurf and once in "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever" when he chipped off a piece of Dolph's gingerbread and ate it after getting reprimanded by Preston. Other than that, he only ever takes coffee.
  • Max has a teddy bear named Mr. Honeynuts that was taken by the Wood Scouts after they saw it was of great value to Max in the episode "Gwen Gets a Job".
  • Max, according to David, doesn't love anything. But this is actually proven untrue since Max has been seen caring about his friends on some occasions, owns a stuffed teddy bear which he loves dearly, and even has a love for nature. As seen in the episode "Mascot" when he was amazed by the Squirrel King's domain, and how he briefly admits that life was beautiful sometimes, in the episode "Eggs Benefits" after the baby platypus came out of its egg and when he replied with "Hell yes!" when Nikki suggested for them to watch cat videos in "Anti-Social Network".
  • Whenever Max gets a chance to use the internet, he instantly looks up "What do boobies look like" without hesitation.
  • Max owns a mug that says "NOPE" which he drinks coffee off of as revealed in several episodes and prominently in "Anti-Social Network".
  • Max and Neil share a tent. This is mentioned in "Reigny Day" when Max says "Well, more tent for me", after everyone assumed that Neil was dead. And later proven in "Mind Freakers" after he is seen waking up while Neil was eager to find out how Harrison did the trick.
    • Max and Neil also share a coffee maker that's propped up on a log.
  • It is a reasonable guess that Max has some form of depression, due to his neglectful parents, and the fact that he once stated that he cries himself to sleep in "Into Town."
  • Max has a habit of stealing and digging through David's personal information and belongings, such as when he asked for David's Social Security Number in exchange for his help to make Nurf behave in the episode "David Gets Hard", or when he uses David's credit card in order to pay for his pre-order of 500 cookies from the Flower Scouts in exchange for their help to get David and Bonquisha back together, or when he outright steals his phone for either pranking purposes or personal gain, examples of these is when he used it to lead Bonquisha on in the episode "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected" or simply to order himself pizza in "Parents' Day".
  • Max is so far the only character to have appeared in every episode of the show.
  • In "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever," Max, along with Neil and Nikki, are shown to sing their first ever song in the series.
    • It is also the episode wherein Max is first seen with his hoodie up.
  • In "Camp Cool Kidz," Nikki hints that "Max" was just a nickname. His first name is revealed to be "Maxwell" as stated by Pikeman in "Gwen Gets a Job."
  • Max is shown to be able to sound suave enough for online women to think that they're actually talking to a man their age to the point where he leads them on and breaks their heart. When in fact they're only talking to a ten year old, as shown in "Romeo and Juliet II: Love Resurrected" when he snatches David's phone and messes with his Tinder.


To see the full gallery, go to Max/Gallery.


  1. Series description

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