For the character, see Jermy Fartz.

"Jermy Fartz" is the fourth episode of the second season of Camp Camp, and is the 16th episode overall. It premiered June 30, 2017 on the Rooster Teeth website.

Official Synopsis

After making a misguided bet with the Wood Scouts, everyone at Camp Campbell is forced to be nice for a whole day. If that wasn't difficult enough, a new camper has just shown up and he's... a mess.

—Episode description


After Camp Campbell beats the Wood Scouts at the Annual Lake Lilac Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, David enters another foolish bet with Pikeman, betting that the Campbell campers can't go a whole day without being mean. If Camp Campbell fails, the Wood Scouts will take Campbell's best camper, and Pikeman orders Petrol to remain behind and notify him immediately should they fail. David, as usual, is confident and peppy, until the Quartermaster returns with a new camper: the awkward and disgusting Jermy Fartz.

Jermy wastes no time in regaling anyone who'll listen with in-depth descriptions of his revolting hygiene, habits and hobbies. Meanwhile Max sparks a debate among the other campers over who is the best camper and most likely to be taken by the Wood Scouts, while struggling to hold his tongue, especially since Petrol is keeping a very close eye on everyone. Gwen and David get the kids involved in several activities, including yoga, magic, arts and crafts, extreme sports, science, but Jermy fails spectacularly at every single one. By the end of the day, as Preston rallies everyone to theatre camp, Max is close to breaking point. Preston tasks everyone with putting together a costume based on part of the forest and giving a brief performance based on their choice. While the other campers continue to bicker about who is the best, Jermy stumbles onto the stage with sticks wrapped around his stomach, and everyone has to pile onto Max to stop him screaming abuse at Jermy. When Jermy explains that he's chosen to represent the sticks of the pine tree, David bursts out laughing, shrieking that the sticks are actually birch and calling Jermy a "big dummy."

Petrol literally blows the whistle on David, summoning Pikeman (and Snake) who proceeds to rub his victory in David's face. Max finally gets to unleash his pent-up rage on David, before Pikeman steps onto the stage to look over the campers and make his selection. Thinking quickly, Neil begins begging for the Wood Scouts not to take Jermy, and the others quickly catch on. As the Wood Scouts lead Jermy away, Gwen and Nikki castigate David for screwing everything up. David tries, several times, to justify himself but eventually gives up and walks away in silence, blushing. All is quiet for a moment, until something clicks in Nikki's brain and she realises aloud "oh, I get it, he was a fa-", thus ending the episode.


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  • The way Pikeman agreed on betting for the sake of new recruits for their camp is referenced again, similar to how he agreed on betting with Camp Campbell in exchange for new recruits in "Camporee."


  • Nurf's hair was facing left instead of right when Pikeman was about to choose the "best camper."

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