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For the episode, see Jermy Fartz (episode).

Jermy Fartz is a camper that is first introduced in his eponymous episode "Jermy Fartz".


Jermy Fartz is a nerdy, depressing, apologetic, gluttonous, clumsy, and revolting boy who occasionally farts. In response to Gwen's statement that he has "special needs," he points out that his doctor found him to be a normal person and does not mind being made fun of.

He is also not very bright-minded as he confuses the branches of a birch tree with those of a pine tree and says "yogurt pants" instead of "yoga pants." In one scene in which Neil, Max, and Nikki were conducting experiments, his fart causes a flame to directly blow away their hard work and effort, although he had was not aware of his actions and was too focused on picking up a cupcake from the ground.


Jermy is a pale, overweight boy with ink blank hair. He wears brown glasses with yellow lenses, a blue vest over a mustard-yellow sweater, blue flip-flops over white socks, grey pants, with his underwear pulled up to his waist. He has prominent nose.



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