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For the episode, see Jermy Fartz (episode).
I wish! It's actually Jermy Fartz. It's a family name. But both of my friends call me Big Nips.

— Jermy Fartz, "Jermy Fartz"

Jermy Fartz was originally a Camp Campbell camper that made his debut in his eponymous episode "Jermy Fartz" before being turned in to the Wood Scouts after Camp Campbell lost the bet to them.


Jermy Fartz is a nerdy, depressing, apologetic, gluttonous, clumsy, and revolting boy who occasionally farts. In response to Gwen's statement that he has "special needs," he points out that his doctor found him to be a normal person and does not mind being made fun of.

He is also not very bright-minded as he confuses the branches of a birch tree with those of a pine tree and says "yogurt pants" instead of "yoga pants." In one scene in which Neil, Max, and Nikki were conducting experiments, his fart causes a flame to directly blow away their hard work and effort, although he had was not aware of his actions and was too focused on picking up a cupcake from the ground.


Jermy is a pale, overweight boy with ink black hair and buck teeth. He wears brown glasses with yellow-tinted lenses, a blue vest over a mustard-yellow sweater, white socks with blue-gray slippers, gray pants, with underwear pulled up to his waist. He has prominent nose.


  • Jermy's name originated from an inside joke which occured during the writing sessions for the pilot. It started with Miles Luna farting, leading Jordan Cwierz to react with "get your germy farts away from me!", which eventually lead them into making it a character.[1]
  • He has a pet dog named Chuckles which he practices kissing with using chunky peanut butter.
  • Jermy is shown to have IBS and "nervous vomiting."
  • Jermy is also shown to have Malapropism as he mistakes "yoga pants" for "yogurt pants" and "debby downer" for "Deborah downer."
  • Jermy, alongside Preston Goodplay, Cameron Campbell, Space Kid, Edward Pikeman and Meredith Miller, Billy Nikssilp, Dolph Houston, and Gaylord Nurfington are the only characters in the show so far to have their last names revealed.
  • Before attending Camp Campbell, Jermy used to have two friends who occasionally called him "Big Nips."
  • Jermy is the second character to have switched camps. With Nikki being the first, originating from The Flower Scouts to being a camper at Camp Campbell. And with Jermy originating from Camp Campbell before becoming a Wood Scout.


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