Jen is a Satanist. She appears briefly at the end of Cult Camp.


Jen bears a striking resemblance to Gwen, with the exception of having a much lighter color palette. She has light blonde hair and light blue eyes, much like Daniel.

She wears a pink shirt with fluffy sleeves and a white belt with an upside-down peace sign, along with white shorts.


While she says that she's into fashion and trashy magazines, much like Gwen, she is revealed to be a Satan worshipper when the magazine she holds up shows that the pages have an inverted star and scribbles marker with "kill" and "make them pretty"[1]


  • Jen is voiced by Maggie Tominey, who is the all time producer of Camp Camp.
  • It's possible she and Daniel are from the same camp, as Daniel also had a book with a pentagram on it, indicating they share the same beliefs.



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