Jasper is a former Camp Campbell camper. He makes his first appearance in "Camp Campbell Wants YOU!" (during the advert's group photo) before his main series debut in "Journey to Spooky Island". It is hinted throughout the latter episode that he is actually a ghost.


Jasper's appearance partially consists of 90's apparel. He has olive-colored hair with dark brown eyebrows, he wears a yellow sweater over a purple flannel shirt, blue shorts with a sky-blue triangle pattern, and lavender shoes with orchid colored laces.


Jasper is soft spoken, rather nervous and speaks in outdated lingo. He seems like a follower and when he met Max, Nikki and Neil, tried to be part of their "gang".


  • Jasper first appeared in "Camp Campbell Wants YOU!" along with a young David.
  • Jasper seems to have been slightly older than David in life, making him chronologically in his mid-to-late 20s.
  • Jasper's name is a possible allusion to Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  • Jasper also appears in one of the photos shown at the end of Episode 11.
  • The line he says "Don't have a cow man" is possibly a reference to The Simpsons.


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