Harrison is a is a minor character and a camper at Camp Campbell. Specifically, he resides in Magic camp and performs a variety of magic tricks, ranging from simple illusions to unexplained anomalous occurrences.

Overview Edit

Harrison was introduced as a background character and his personality had yet to be fully expressed. In "Mascot", Harrison explained that he signed up for Camp Campbell in order to improve his skills in illusions, demonstrating this by the unexplained disappearance of a rabbit upon dropping it inside his top hat.

Initially, he is shown to be a prime target for Nerf's bullying, finding himself teased and beaten in most scenes featuring him. Besides Nerf, Nerris shares bitter hatred towards Harrison, likely due to their conflicting interpretations of magic. Nerris always criticises Harrison's incompetence, while Harrison willingly places Nerris in harm's way, such as attempting to drown her in "The Order of the Sparrow".

Harrison is entirely incompetent with his magic tricks, often making dire situations even worse as a result. When attempting to help Erid in Camp Cool Kidz, he attempts to aid Ered and Nikki against Max by casting a stream of fire, but unintentionally lights David on fire instead.

In his attributed episode "Mind Freakers", Harrison's magic skills are proven to be much more than mere illusions, but are instead genuinely anomalous in nature. When demonstrating his powers by forcing Max to regurgitate a chain of towels and indigestible materials, Neil is left baffled and obsesses with finding a means of explaining this anomaly. While the other campers, including Nerf and Nerris, are impressed with this feat, Neil begins to hate Harrison and Max becomes terrified of him after the traumatic experience.

Appearance Edit

Harrison has clean unkempt brown hair and wears a black top hat with a silver strip. He has amber eyes and upward curving nose.

Harrison wears a formal outfit befitting his profession. He wears an amber dress undershirt beneath a black leather vest and a black tie, along with white gloves. He wears black jeans with visible pockets and a pair of black dress shoes.

Personality Edit

Harrison is originally shown to be rather humble in his work, often finding himself to be a victim to Nerf. He has a deep respect for magic and enjoys presenting his skills to others. Most of the campers are confused and astounded by his more complex tricks, but he often receives criticism for his incompetence in controlling their effects.

In Mind Freakers, Harrison expresses a much more nefarious personality. He takes delight in bewildering Neil with the magic trick he performed on Max and is generally mysterious about his methods. He also takes offense to Neil's criticism of his supposedly fake abilities, evidence by how the trick performed on Max was intended for Neil himself, possibly in an act of revenge.

Strangely enough, Harrison also seems to disregard human life, placing people like Max, Nikki and Nerris in potentially fatal danger in order to prove his own capabilities. Harrison is also very manipulative over group behaviour, able to make the other campers turn against Neil's philosophies while maintaining his own positive attitude.

Gallery Edit

To see the full gallery, go to Harrison/Gallery.

Trivia Edit

  • Harrison's appearance and his anomalous capabilities are possibly a reference to Bill Cipher, the main antagonist of the Disney television series Gravity Falls. Harrison and Bill not only share the same style of outfit and the same color scheme, but also an apparent disregard for life and a unwavering positive, if often sarcastic, attitude.
  • His name may be a reference to Harry Houdini ("Harry's son"). Alternately, it may be a reference to Harry Potter.

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