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Gwen is a camp counselor alongside David at Camp Campbell.


Gwen is about roughly the same height as David. She has brown hair tied in a short ponytail and a light brown complexion, along with purple eyes. She wears a dark green Camp Campbell shirt (which has a picture of a birch tree on the front), brown shorts, white socks and brown boots.


Unlike David, Gwen isn't upbeat and happy. The strange antics of the campers irritate her as much as they irritate Max. She can be described as perhaps one of the few sane residents of Camp Campbell. She has a weakness to trashy reality TV such as "Teen Prison Mom Wars," has an interest in vampire teen romance (hinted in the fifth episode), and is frequently on the verge of a nervous breakdown over her career choices. Gwen additionally has a stash of lesbian romance books in her car's dashboard. She also likes fanfiction. Despite her irritation with David, Gwen seems to care somewhat for him, as she took over camping duties to let him relax in town. Also unlike David, she is actually capable of swearing in front of the campers as seen when she said "motherfucker" in front of the other campers when Nurf was spinning Space kid around with the fan.


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  • Gwen has, in her own words, "crippling anxiety" over getting a Liberal Arts degree. In "David Gets Hard," she reveals she dual majored in Psychology, to which Max replies as having "two useless degrees," Gwen also mentions having an Associate's Degree in "Quest of Sleepy Peak Peak," after revealing she has a lot of knowledge of volcanic activity, which Max calls "So sad," and making her the not so proud owner of a total of three useless degrees.
  • She's a fan of Doctor Who and "wants to have his British babies."
  • It is possible Gwen is bisexual, as suggested by her love of the Doctor Who character and her apparent interest in various lesbian erotica novels and several "Butt Stuff" magazines.
  • Due to her established tastes, it's highly likely the copy of "Ninjas of Love" in the counselor's cabin seen in the end of "Camporee" belongs to her. Said book was first seen in RWBY, another Rooster Teeth Animated series.
  • Gwen is able to sing, as shown in "The Order of the Sparrow."
  • One of the other running gags in the show is that most of the characters forgetting Gwen's real name and thus, calling her something else. Examples of this is when Campbell called her Grace, and how the managers called her a variety of other names starting with the letter G.

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