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The Flowerscouts are an all-female scouting organization. Their activities primarily consist of arts & crafts. They are likely a parody of Girl Scouts. Their camp is near Lake Lilac.



So far, all flowerscouts have been seen wearing a white short sleeved shirt, with a sash displaying their badges, and a pink flannel skirt.



The Flowerscouts were introduced along with their military male counterparts, the Woodscouts, in "Scout's Dishonor." In a escape attempt gone wrong, Nikki and Neil wind up in the flowerscouts camp, while Max is kidnapped by the Woodscouts. Neil briefly indulges in the camp activities, until the Flowerscouts show that their traditional female views means they don't approve of Nikki. Subsequently, they return to Camp Campbell by a tamed hawk.


  • The honorary flowerscout badge doubles as a wi-fi hot spot.
  • All 3 of the known flowerscouts have the same voice actress and speak in heavy, albeit differing, valley girl accents, somewhat similar to Ered.
  • The troop based in Lake Lilac is troop #789.

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