We're girls. We would know.

—"Bonjour Bonquisha"

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Erin is a Flower Scout, alongside Sasha and Tabii who made her debut in "Scout's Dishonor." She resides in Troop #789 and is the least aggressive of the three.


Erin is a girl with a dark complexion, an amber eye, a light blue eye, hair of the same color, and bangs that cover most of the left side of her face. Contrary to her hair, her eyebrows and eyelashes are black. Her nose is pointed and upturned, and she is the tallest of the Flowerscouts.

She wears the usual Flower Scout uniform (a white, short-sleeved shirt, with pink cuffs, a pink sash adorned with badges, and a pink flannel skirt), along with dark-purple and white sneakers.


Erin, unlike the other two Flower Scouts, doesn't react and interact much. She is usually seen agreeing to what the other two say and is usually calm and collected. She, like her fellow Flower Scouts, also find Nikki's 'unladylike' ways to be disgusting, along with everything else that involves Camp Campbell. She is seen to care for her friends as she is willing to give assistance in any way she can, as she helps Tabii try to kiss Neil in "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected" when she helped drag Nikki offstage and tie her upside down, and when she bought Sasha's pumpkin spice from the snack bar in the same episode. She is the least aggressive of the three. Erin likely takes the role of “the smart one” in the Flower Scouts group.


Erin first appears in "Scout's Dishonor," alongside Sasha and Tabii. The three meet a disguised Neil (who is going by the name 'Neeancy'), and happily invite him to join in their activities. As an afterthought, they begrudgingly invite Nikki to join as well. The five spend the day doing things such as embroidering, sewing, drawing, and more.

After making Neil an honorary Flowerscout, Nikki enters the room with a hawk, which she named 'Timothy.' Erin, Sasha, and Tabii quickly back away from it, declaring it disgusting and unsanitary, and gagging.

She appears once again in "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected," where she and her friends sneak backstage to assist Tabii with her plot to get rid of Nikki.

She brings Sasha a pumpkin spice latte from the snack bar, as well as having gotten a drink for herself. Soon after, Erin, Sasha, and Tabii drag Nikki off the stage and tie her up away from everyone else.

After Tabii's performance as Juliet, Erin and Sasha drag her limp body off the stage, apologizing and saying that Tabii is the "dumb one" in their friend group.

She returns in "Camporee," where she and the other Flower Scouts host the first five activities, gaining the lead with ease. During the final activity, she, along with the members of the other camps, is chased away by Nikki's tamed wolf.

In season two, she appears in "Bonjour Bonquisha," while she and the other Flowerscouts were looking for future places to sell their cookies. She agrees to help Max get Bonquisha to take David back (for a pre-order of 500 cookies), by getting them to meet at a restaurant.

At the restaurant, Sasha, Tabii, and Erin stack on top of each other under a trench coat pretending to be a grown woman and flirting with David in an attempt to make Bonquisha jealous. When Tabii goes into a rage and jumps out of the coat, she is thrown to the floor.

Upon reappearing, she seems unfazed by Tabii's injured eye and instead complains about the blood that is now staining her boots. However, she seems touched by David's speech about relationships, and that quickly changes to shock and surprise after he punches Jacob and attempts to hit him with a chair.

In the episode "Cookin' Cookies," alongside the other Flowerscouts, she is instructed by Miss Priss to sell as many cookies as possible in order to fund a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. After being unable to sell cookies outside a store due to the Woodscouts' popcorn sales, she comforts Sasha, who is freaking out. Erin then agrees with Miss Priss's suggestion, elaborating on the idea that they work harder to better themselves instead of cheating. She quickly apologizes after being told she sounds stupid and being called an idiot, looking upset. After the girls are told that they can't have Miss Priss's Desoxyn, she suggests that they steal Miss Priss's purse.

The girls get Miss Priss drunk and sneak into the room she passed out in, proceeding to dig through her purse. They eventually find the Desoxyn, and sprinkle it over the cookies they're about to sell. After running out of the drug (which they believe to be cane sugar), they track down Miss Priss's sugar daddy and make him give them more. They begin producing the cookies faster and at larger rates, eventually making enough money to put Rafael Guzman, a Mexican cookie cartel, in trouble. To him and his bodyguards, she is part of a group known as "Las Diablitas" (also known as "The Little Devil Girls). Upon his request, the Flowerscouts visit his mansion in Mexico. At Sasha's signal, she and Tabii throw sharpened cookies, killing Rafael's bodyguards.

Erin is shown to be holding a shotgun, and threatening Rafael with it. The girls happily talk about having enough money to go to Cabo, to which Rafael replies "but you're already in Cabo!" Rafael then explains that Cabo is in Mexico, and Erin asks, "Wait, Cabo is a city in Mexico?" Once back in America, the girls throw out all their cookies, declaring the sales a complete waste of time.


  • Erin shares the same voice actress as Sasha and Tabii.
  • Erin orange eye closeup

    Erin's left eye is orange.

    Erin has heterochromia, as seen in the episode "Scout's Dishonor," with her left eye being yellow-orange.
  • She is shown to be somewhat racist as shown in the episode "Cookin' Cookies," after she also shows her obvious disgust over Mexico as she states that "They should just build a wall over that place already."
    • This specific phrase is a nod to Donald Trump wanting to build a wall over Mexico.


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