Meredith "Ered" Miller is an extreme sports camper at Camp Campbell.


Ered is a relaxed, lazy, and stoic girl who is often described as "cool" by her fellow campers. Most of the kids at Camp Campbell agree that she has a very strong charisma. According to Max, she uses people for her own gain, to which Ered actually admitted in "Camp Cool Kidz."


Ered has long, gold sand hair (with part of her bangs dyed blush). She wears a dark jacket over a yellow shirt, has blue ripped jeans, and purple boots. Her skin is pale, and her eyes are polo blue.


To see the full gallery, go to Ered/Gallery.


  • According to Nikki, her real name is actually "Meredith" but she's so cool she's only referred by her middle part of her name.
  • In the pilot episode, she was seen with a pair of pink wireless headphones.
  • In "Camp Cool Kidz," she is shown to dance like the character "5" in the Peanuts comics and specials.
  • As seen in a few episodes, she rides a purple skateboard.
  • Due to the blonde hair, jacket and yellow top, she looks similar to Yang Xiao Long of RWBY.
  • In the episode "Mind Freakers," it is revealed that Ered gets bad report cards, implying she performs poorly in school.
  • In "Parents' Day," it is revealed that Ered has two fathers. Both of them are 'cool agents' of a branch of the government, most likely of the F.B.I ,which are also the same two agents who've been hunting down Cameron Campbell since the first episode.

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