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"David Gets Hard" is the 9th episode of Camp Camp.

Official synopsis

David enlists the help of Gwen and Max to toughen himself up for Nurf's behavioral correction camp. Will Nurf's deep-rooted issues prove to be too much for him?

–Episode description


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  • The Nurf-centric nature of the episode, as well as the overall low screentime of the main cast, is lampshaded by Neil and Nikki. They also suggest that they will probably do something crazy next week anyway.
  • Nurf is shown to have a large amount of concealed knives and impressive aim with them as well.
  • At one point, a quote by Nurf alludes to the infamous 2014 incident of a child in Maryland eating a pop tart into the shape of a gun and being suspended for it.
  • Yet another Nazi-related visual gag is made about Dolph: he is seen painting an image of a Superman-like superhero with blond hair, blue eyes, and a "Ü" on his chest (presumably short for "Übermensch").
  • The same set of props from the episode "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected" (containing a trumpet, a plunger, a bowling ball, and what appears to be ORF from X-Ray and Vav) reappears in this episode in front of Scotty when the Visual Comedy Camp is mentioned.
  • When Gwen looks at the schedule (reflecting the activities for the week that have just been mentioned), it lists each camper and the activity focusing on them: "Monday: Ered - Base jumping", "Tuesday: Harrison - Frozen alive", "Wednesday: Dolph + Preston - Just... Let them figure it out", "Thursday: Scotty - Visual Comedy (Find props IN "BUDGET")", and "Friday: NURF"
  • After David whines that he's not tough enough to run a boot camp, Max scratches the Quartermaster's hook on a chalkboard that has an image of Nurf (labeled "NURF") on it. The image also has labels pointing to various parts on him: "LIFELESS EYES (Like A Doll's Eyes)" pointing to his eyes, "BITES YA" pointing to his teeth, "Burried Treasure" pointing to his X-shaped belly button, and "Chris Browns" pointing to his fists (referencing Chris Brown's domestic abuse of Rihanna).
  • As in "Reigny Day", this episode also hints at a sadder side to Nurf; the other side of the tree Nurf is stabbing appears to have "CRY FOR HELP" scratched into it. He also tells David a sob story about being pigeonholed as a "problem child", but stabs David in the hand when he tries to show sympathy. He later bullies Neil and Nikki, but is very openly self-aware and acknowledges that he's just acting out for attention. When Nurf finally opens up, he mentions that he joined the ballet earlier in his childhood.
  • Max tells Gwen, "There's no time-traveling doctor coming to save you, Gwen!" and she responds, "I just wants to have his British babies. This is a blatant reference to Doctor Who.
  • Gwen reveals that she dual-majored in Psychology (in addition to her liberal arts degree, as mentioned in a previous episode). When David tries to use her psychology-based approach to deal with Nurf, Nurf replies, "Oh, so we're doing the whole Freudian thing now? Everyone wants to fuck their own mom. Get over it." This is a reference to the Oedipus complex, a concept theorized by Sigmund Freud. David later shows Nurf a Rorschach test (that arguably looks like a man having sex with someone or something else).
  • When Nurf tries to bully Nerris, she stammers, "You shall not pass!" This is a very well-known quote from the film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

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