Daniel is a cult leader, and briefly, was a counselor at Camp Campbell.


Daniel sports an appearance identical to David's, but with a much lighter color palette and dressy clothing. Max notes that his getup resembles one of a "cult leader". He has platinum blonde hair and light blue eyes. His outfit consists of a white polo shirt with two pockets, white pants held up by a white belt with a gold belt, white socks with blue and orange lines, and lastly, lace up white shoes with black soles.


Before his arrival at Camp Campbell, Daniel was part of a Satanic cult compound and caused the deaths of multiple people. Daniel managed to escape the police and plotted to sacrifice more people.

Meanwhile, Gwen decides to hire more counselors to help them after finding some stashed cash. Soon after telling David, Daniel arrives at the camp to apply for the open position. Daniel instantly charms David, but causes Gwen to instantly bail by using her vacation days.

When Gwen puts out a help wanted advert in the Sleepy Peak newspaper, he was hired by David –whom he quickly befriends– as a counselor at Camp Campbell. Unbeknownst to Gwen and David, he is a dangerous cult leader who has left previous compounds with vast fatalities, according to a local newspaper

Daniel quickly manages to brainwash the campers, except for Neil, Max and Nikki, who try to convince David he is a cultist. Daniel then quickly manages to brainwash numerous campers and attempts to have them drink poisoned punch, but fails when Max uses reverse psychology on David to have him try and fire Daniel. In a musical face off, Daniel drinks the punch and is whisked away by an ambulance.


At first glance, he exhibits a "happy-go-lucky" attitude remarkably similar to David's, which causes them to get along well fairly quickly. This is later shown to be a facade in order to infiltrate Camp Campbell and subject its campers to "detoxification" rituals in order to help them "ascend" (in order to help them ascend). His actions at Camp Campbell (and at some unknown compound) show that Daniel is able to manipulate people with ease due to his charm, although his antics are easily discovered under a careful eye (as Max, Nikki, and Neil quickly discern Daniel's true motives). However, he is also shown to not be very smart, since in his haste to prove he was better than David, he ended up poisoning himself.


  • Many of Daniel's actions are inspired by the infamous Jonestown Massacre, in which numerous people died after drinking poisoned Kool-Aid. Quartermaster and Nikki directly lampshade this in the episode.
  • When Daniel is antagonized, he twists and cracks his neck.
  • Daniel is skilled in playing a violin, just as David can play a guitar


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