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"Camporee" is the 11th episode of Camp Camp.

Official synopsis

The Campbell Campers are forced to compete in the Lake Lilac Camporee against their rival camps, The Wood Scouts and Flower Scouts. Pikeman makes a bet with Campbell. David tries to get the kids to work together.

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  • At the start of the episode, David plays the well-known bugle call "Charge" to gather the Camp Campbell kids outside.
  • The three "unbiased" judges of the Lake Lilac Camporee are apparently Geezer #2, Lester, and the barkeep from the episode "Into Town".
  • Cameron Campbell states that the Flowerscouts introduced so far are members of troop #789. According to Edward Pikeman, he and the other members of the local Woodscouts are members of troop #818.
  • Another Nazi joke is made about Dolph when Max says, "I think I speak for all of us when I say that I don't wanna become some fascist militant peon!" and Dolph responds, "He does not speak for all of us."
  • Petrol's full name is revealed by Edward to be "Stephen van Petrol".
  • The Flowerscouts' first challenge is "a test of posture and proper walking form" - across a pit of boiling green liquid with spikes swinging overhead. When Petrol falls into the liquid after failing the first challenge, Edward tells him his sacrifice will not be in vain, and he gives a thumbs-up as he sinks. This is a reference to the iconic moment at the end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day in which the Terminator does the same as it is being destroyed in a vat of molten steel.Their second challenge appears to be to bake chocolate chip cookies in an EZ-Bake Oven. The third is to grow flowers, the fourth seems to involve creating valentines or scrapbooks of some sort, and the fifth is ribbon-twirling.
  • Meanwhile, the Woodscouts' first challenge is to row out to Spooky Island and back. Their second challenge appears to be to climb under a "cargo net" made of barbed wire. Their third is skeet shooting, their fourth appears seems to involve riding in a barrel down a waterfall, and their fifth is rock climbing.
  • The Camp Campbell campers' first challenge, designed by Neil, is to create a stable batch of nitroglycerin. When Edward asks Petrol to hand him oxygen, Petrol gives him carbon dioxide instead. Edward begins to chide Petrol, but Billy Nikssilp thinks Edward is asking for gasoline (also known as petrol) and causes an explosion. The next challenge, designed by Harrison, is illusion; when the Flowerscouts attempt it, Platypus jumps out of the hat and bites Sasha's hair. Their third challenge, designed by Ered, is motorcycle repair. The fourth, designed by Nerris, is to "destroy the One Ring of Power" (an obvious Lord of the Rings reference); when Nerris says this, a volcano is visible in the background (presumably meant to be Mount Doom). The final challenge, designed by Nikki, is cross-species communication.
  • Cameron Campbell mentions early in the episode that he has diplomatic immunity, and says after Camp Campbell wins the Camporee that he has to get back to Thailand. These are both references to the episode "Camp Cool Kidz", in which Campbell mentions that if he wins a poker game, he could end up being the Prime Minister of Thailand.
  • At the end of the episode, while David looks at his "Memories" corkboard with his "#1 Counselor" mug beside him, a poster is visible on the far wall. It has "DUSK" written in orange at the top, with a purple moon slightly overlapping an orange one, and "Full Moon - When Butts Touch" in purple at the bottom. There are also books behind him titled Encyclopedia, Puppies, and Ninjas of Love (the last of which is also a book in RWBY, another Rooster Teeth series). It is also revealed that David's yellow "bandana" around his neck is actually his old Camp Campbell shirt from his time as a camper.
  • On the corkboard itself, among pictures of David as a young camper and as a counselor, there is a picture of Larry the Hamster in the top-right (with a heart sticker next to it). Also, Jasper is present in a group picture including David as a camper, further supporting the idea that Jasper is a ghost. As David looks at the photo, he wonders what changed about camp since he was a kid, and exclaims, "That's it! The sparrow...", which leads into the next episode, "The Order of the Sparrow".

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