Camp Campbell is the main setting of Camp Camp. It was founded by Cameron Campbell as an assortment of camps within a camp, a literal "camp camp". It is located on the edge of Lake Lilac, near Sleepy Peak.

Its motto, campe diem, is a play on the latin aphorism carpe diem (commonly interpreted as "seize the day").


As seen in a "Camp Campbell Wants YOU!", Camp Campbell was established years ago. When David, a current camp counselor, was a child, he attended the camp during its heyday along with fellow camper Jasper.

Later on, David becomes a counselor at the camp, declaring he wants others to experience the same joy he had when he was a camper during his youth.



Current campers

Former campers



The Camp Campbell salute.

  • The camp provides pamphlets advertising camps such as "Science" and "Adventure" but, in the fine print, the camp says it includes "and more", to prevent unhappy campers from suing.
  • The official Camp Campbell salute is "the shocker"
  • It's mostly referred to as "Camp Camp".
  • Most of the campers have at least one yellow article of clothing, mostly shirts, with the exception of Dolph. Max purposefully wears a large blue hoodie to cover his up.
  • Cameron Campbell uses the camp mostly as a hideout and stash.
  • The camp doesn't have much income, due to the large scale its forced to operate.
  • In "Reigny Day", despite only a brief stint as "Camp Counselor for the Day", Dolph won the Camp Counselor of the Year Award, much to David's dismay.
  • According to Max, he's the only camper worse than Nurf.
  • Campers sleep in tents
  • Due to the Cameron Campbell having a very adventurous(and often morally questionable) life, the camp and Campbell's nearby abandoned summer home house a number of unique items, which include:
    • Nazi Gold
    • Ancient Treasure
    • A large amount of cash
    • 1 Kilo of some type of recreational drug
    • A box of live Grenades made in the Cold War
    • Several inactive Artificial Intelligences
    • A hostile carnivorous platypus
    • A ghost
    • 2 stuffed bears
    • Several mutant creatures
    • A hypnosis chamber
    • A sentient and scheming population of squirrels
    • Numerous torture devices

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