Originally created for wiki staff purposes, the Camp Camp Wikia's Discord has expanded and opened for everyone. It acts as a replacement for our old wiki chat. It opened to the public the evening of June 22, 2017.

Members only need a Discord account to join, but it is highly recommended to also hold a functional FANDOM account to associate with your Discord account. (See NeilBot#Linking Accounts for more details and how to.)

See our rules section for the Discord's "scout oath".


Text Channels

Listed are the publicly available channels. Channels grayed out aren't visible by default, but are otherwise available to all users.

Category Channel Topic
Welcome & Information #scout-law Take the scout's oath with honor! Read up on these rules and follow them to heart.
#sleepy-peak-times Hot off the presses! Announcements concerning the Discord, the wiki, and Camp Camp itself.
#bus-dropoff Did you just join our camp against your will? Great! Introduce yourself here!
Campgrounds (General) #mess-hall
General discussion and random chatter. It's a mess alright.
(AKA #camp-camp)
Dedicated channel for Camp Camp discussion (...and shipping). Except the latest and greatest episode (see #cool-kidz below).
#cool-kidz (opt-in)
(Closed during hiatus)
Spoiler discussion on the latest episode for the Rooster Teeth FIRST cool kidz out there. You can opt into this channel by chatting "t!sar get first" in #neilspiel.
#millenia-wars Memes and spam galore. War, it never ends...
#campfire Gather 'round the campfire and share your favorite Camp Camp original content.
Around the Camp (Extra) #ampitheatre For all of them theater campers to roleplay as their Camp Camp OCs. The roleplay is moderated by our Discord's
and is governed by its own set of rules.
#backstage The "out of character" channel for #ampitheater roleplay participants. This channel is automatically shown to those participating in the RP.
#real-talk Use this channel for anything you wish to vent out, or for taboo discussion that may edge on violating our rules. Please avoid using #mess-hall to vent.
#neilspiel Mess around with our Discord's bots here. See the bots section for more details.

Voice Channels

Channel Topic
#mind-freak-voice-weak Voice chat text channel where you go to get yards of fabric shoved through your vocal chords for the sake of science AND magic.

This channel is automagically shown as soon as you enter a voice chat channel (and is invisible to everyone else).

πŸ’¬ Flagpole Stand at attention! ...And then go here for general voice chatting.
🎹 Ampitheatre Share music using our music bot (see "Bots" below) at the Ampitheatre. (Music only, no voice.)
πŸ”₯ Campfire Songs! Know some campfire songs? Sing it out with fellow campers. (Similar to Ampitheatre, but with voice enabled. Use the music bot.)


Staff Roles

  • @Counselors
    – The wiki's counselors. They have full reign of the server, for the most part.
  • @Cult Leaders
    – The wiki's discussion moderators. They are responsible for the wiki's social dealings, such as the Discord. Contact them for moderation issues.
  • @Mages
    – The wiki's chat moderators. They solely moderate our Discord.
  • @Quartermasters
    – The wiki's content moderators. They are responsible for the wiki's content, but do not have much control in the Discord.
  • @Camp Staff
    – The "catch all" for the Discord's upper moderation staff.

All roles listed above can be pinged. (Please be mindful to not abuse role mentions. AKA Rule #5.)

Camper Roles

These roles are self-assignable by using a command through NeilBot. You may only be a member of one of these roles at a time.

@Adventure Campers
@Art Campers
@Robotics Campers
@Science Campers
@Space Campers
@Theater Campers
@Magic Campers
@Other Magic Campers
More to come!

These roles serve no functional purpose, other than giving your name a purty color on the Discord.

Auxiliary Staff Roles

These are special Discord staff roles with specialized permissions:

  • @Bus Drivers
    – The wiki's rollbacks. They are trusted editors that supervise the wiki's contributions, but do not have any control in the Discord itself (other than access to #police-scanner, our Discord and wiki activity log channel, and other internal chat channels).
  • @Playwrights
    – Moderators of our #ampitheatre and #backstage roleplay channels. They manage the roleplay, and develop and enforce the roleplay guidelines. Playwrights may be pinged.
  • @Events Coordinator
    (TBD) – Coordinators that help plan out server-wide and/or wiki events and announce them in #sleepy-peak-times.
These users do not have full Discord staff permissions, and cannot be pinged through
@Camp Staff


The complete version of our chat policy is stated below. An abridged version is posted in our Discord.
(Revised August 4)

  1. Moderators have full freedom to execute actions in accordance to these policies. If a situation occurs that is not covered by these rules, a moderator may enact sanctions in the spirit of these rules.
  2. Be civil. Users are expected to act in a civil manner and without prejudice.
  3. Do not discuss or link to sexually explicit content. Leave the kinky crud at Fantasy Island. This includes links to any pornography or Rule 34 content. Especially of those that are Camp Camp themed.
  4. Do not disrupt the chat with spam, or otherwise interrupt normal chat flow. ...Unless, of course you're on #millenia-wars, then go wild (just not... too wild).
  5. Do not abuse @mentions. If no one responds at first, please be patient!
  6. Post in the appropriate channel. Refer to our channel list, and for the love of Cameron Campbell, put bot spam in #neilspiel. Occasional lapses of proper post placement is tolerated.
  7. Don't be an edgelord. If you want to be super edgy, go write up an episode of Camp Camp and only then get back to us.
  8. No excessive graphic discussion or linking to gore. And I'm not talking about the graphics in Gwen's trashy mags. ...Except maybe the graphics in Jen's satanic mags.
  9. Do not violate others' right to privacy. Do not reveal personal details about other users without their explicit consent. We should know as much about them as we do Quartermaster– basically nada.
  10. No links to unofficial uploads of Camp Camp content. This server does not endorse using illegal means to watch content. Please be patient and refrain from posting such links on our Discord's public channels. This includes stream links (such as
  11. New rules can be added at anytime, and rules may be removed or modified at any time. It is expected that members follow these rules at all times.

Sanctions and Contesting Bans

Possible sanctions are not listed here and are issued at the discretion of the acting moderator and/or moderation team.

You will need to have already associated a FANDOM account with your Discord to contest a chat ban. To contest a chat ban, you will need to contact a discussion moderator on their message wall on the wiki. If there's no wiki account already associated with your Discord before your ban, we will not be able to confirm your identity and your ban would likely remain. (See NeilBot#Linking Accounts for details and how to.)

Moderation Log

For the sake of transparency, we maintain the Discord's moderation log on the wiki.

Discord Concerns

If you would like to raise an issue with another user or moderator violating one of our rules (or another concern), please contact a wiki bureaucrat or use the anonymous report form found in our Discord (under #scout-law's channel description).


Our Discord runs bots! The following bots are in use:

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