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Season 3 is the third season of Camp Camp. It was announced on January 17, 2018[1] to premiere sometime in the Fall of 2018. Premiering alongside new seasons of RVB, RWBY and along with two new Rooster Teeth animated webseries, that being "gen:LOCK" and "Nomad of Nowhere", respectively. But on April 19, 2018, Jordan recently tweeted[2] on the updated status of the projects which he was currently working on and announced that the series will make a comeback on May 25th, 2018[3] instead of the presumed return some time later in the year. Like season 16 of Red vs. Blue that same year, the public release will be only on instead of YouTube.




The world’s most dysfunctional-yet-functioning summer camp is back for another season! Cameron Campbell might be in jail, but that won’t stop the list of camp-sanctioned activities from getting longer. Pack your bags for murder mysteries, secret agents, lake monsters, and other adventures that are lawsuits just waiting to happen![4]


  • The third season of Camp Camp was supposedly set to air some time later in the year of 2018 but was then set to air earlier in the year on May 25th, 2018.
  • Alongside the announcement of the third season's early release, Camp Camp seasons 1-2 have also been announced to be included in a Blu-Ray combo pack which will be available on the Rooster Teeth store on May 22nd,2018.
  • Jordan has also announced that there would be two 22-minute episodes included in Season 3.[5]