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Cameron Campbell is the founder of Camp Campbell, of which is named after Campbell himself.


Though he appears a just and passionate man, claiming to care for the welfare of others in the camp, In reality it is merely a facade to hide his true colors: "A rich piece of shit with terrible morals" as Max points out in Journey to Spooky Island.

He seems to have an ambiguous past as he is wanted by the federal government with extreme prejudice for unknown reasons and, as seen in Camp Cool Kidz, has a safe filled with questionable paraphernalia such as gold bars with swastikas, a bag marked '1 kilo', and two books (one marked to show the IRS, and the other not to).

Despite believing in traditional American values and wanting to create the perfect camp, he appears neglectful and left Camp Campbell to fall to pieces, leaving it in the care of the positive and overenthusiastic, yet naive and delusional David, and the cynical and short-tempered Gwen.


To see the full gallery, go to Cameron Campbell/Gallery.


  • Cameron Campbell along with Preston Goodplay, Billy Nikssilp, and Edward Pikeman are the only characters whose last names have been revealed at this time.
  • It's heavily hinted that David sees him as a father figure, especially when David dreams that he is his real father. However, even he's aware that Campbell isn't around as much.

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