"Adventurer Inside" is the ending theme of "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected" episode. It is performed by Jeremy Dooley and composed by Benjamin Zecker.

Lyrics Edit

Bringing it back for another time,
Another rhyme, A solid rhyme.
Solidify and petrify,
You fuckers committing heinous crimes.

Sitting like a sack of shit
and benefitting from the fearless,
Cheerless, shoveled struggle
of the men and women never quittin'.

Havin like a normal day
Will mount you, pound you down
and leave you crawling, bawling, back to your bed
Like it's a sacred ground.

You'll fucking live with nothing, swing your head
Until you go insane, 'less you break the pain
And take your life by the fucking reins.

Drop the newest excuses,
Load 'em up into a tube
Lock a cannon set to fire
If they're including you.

Like they're intruders,
Seven locks on you door.

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